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Sam Smith – In the Lonely Hour

First of all let me say HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!

Sam Smith

A few months ago one of their rare occasions, I was watching MuchMusic (for those of you who have no idea what that is, it’s a music TV station here in Canada…sorta like your MTV in the USA) and they were playing this song called “Stay With Me.” At first the voice sounded like John Newman so I was just going about my room until the VJ comes on and said “That was Sam Smith…” I looked up at the television like “Huhhh??” She went on to talk about how he just came out in a video then an interview but I just couldn’t get over the sound of his voice. So haunting, so beautiful.

Of course you know what my next move was, right?

If you guess run about my room flailing and screaming then you’d be wrong. If you guessed it Youtube like it owed me child support, you’d be right and you deserve a cookie!

I dug through youtube, finding ever reference of this Sam Smith they were referring to and I watched so many of his videos when I finally had the need to go potty, I was bug-eyed. But I just couldn’t get over wonderful this talent is. My next move was go google him. And here’s the 4-1-1 on this amazing man.

So his website cam be found here but it’s hard to believe it, but this cool cat was only born in 1992 in England. And even though I think he’s been singing and writing songs for a while, he rose to fame on Disclosure’s hit “Latch” then on Naughty Boy’s “La La La.”  Then his solo song “Money on My Mind” hit and yes, we knew he was amazing.

I found out tons of stuff, including that his CD was coming on my birthday, June 17! I called HMV from work and was happy when they told me I could pre-order it! I was very happy and to make things they knew precisely what I was looking for.

On my birthday I planned on picking  up the CD then going to the park overlooking the lake and just lay there listening. But alas, on my birthday after I picked up the CD, went to the gym, did my nails and got home it began raining – am talking cats and dogs kind of raining. So plans changed. Yet that night I peeled the CD from its shinny wrapper, stuck it into my computer, have iTunes rip it for my iPod, I relaxed and listened.


There is always something remarkably sexy about a man who knows how to carry a tune I don’t know what it is. Sam Smith’s voice is just unbelievable. The lyrics on this album seems as if they were meant to be there. There is no overpowering instrumentals to kill the mood. In The Lonely Houris like-like getting some really awesome Belgian Chocolate, you know the kind? The ones that go down smooth as butter and they’re so good you have to eat them with your eyes closed in the dark just so you can truly enjoy the perfect that you’re savoring.

To me, the stand out songs are as follows:

Stay With Me – Of course. This is one of the singles that I first heard on MuchMusic and then again on other live performances he’s done. This song is just — for lack of a better word – TRUTH. Sometimes you feel like you can be with someone no matter their faults and all you’re asking is for them to stay. The raw emotions just breaks your heart and put it back together.

Like I Can – Raw and honest. Sometimes in a situation dealing with love you just have to put all your cards on the table, you have to say if you think someone else out there can do it better or love you better then I’m going to tell you right now, no–they can’t.

Leave Your Lover – Good heavens…what a heart-wrenching beautifully put together song, and if you watch the video, you would absolutely cry. How do you love someone in secret, someone you see everyday and you just can’t tell them? How do you get up from that and this song is basically accepting sometimes this happens and most times when it does you can be “In love with you but you’ll never know”

Make it To Me – A love song to his future true love – nuff said.

This album is breath-taking. It’s great to hear an album with no auto-tune, no overpowering background chaos just pure, clean soul. Pick up In The Lonely Hour you will be so glad you did.




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