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Movie Night #LetsBeCOps

Let's Be Cops (2014) Poster

Poster for Let’s Be Cops as per IMBD

I have to be honest. When I first saw the trailer for Let’s Be Cops, the first time I scratched my head. The second time I wrinkled my nose and the third time–well the third time I’d pretty much had this movie written off.

Then a friend of mine suggested we see a movie yesterday, Tuesday, because that’s the cheap day at the movies. The only movie that I knew we might both enjoy was Let’s Be Cops.

I mean, The Expendables 3 is playing but you have to be a special kind of person to like that with me–you have to love explosions and my friend, well, our friendship is new so I didn’t know if that would be the movie for us. So, before I could suggest Let’s Be Cops, she text me and told me about the same movie so I figured Kismet is on a roll. Since we were both thinking of the same movie, why not check it out?

So off we went to see this movie.  Can I just say there are some amazing movies coming out at the end of this year? Just thought I’d deviate to say that. Anywho, back to Let’s Be Cops.

Now, I will try my best to write this without spoilers but just in case – spoiler alert may be ahead!

Damon Wayans Jr. Picture

Damon Wayans Jr as Justin

The movie is about two friends, Justin (played by Damian Wayans Jr.) and Ryan (played by Jake Johnson). Now these names may seem familiar to you. Damian is a part of the comedy family of Keegan Ivory Wayans and Marlon Wayans, and both these men are stars in New Girl. Now these pals are down on their luck, Justin, one working a job that is not fulfilling. People treat him like garbage, no one there respects him and to make matters worse, the girl he’s had his eyes on is way out of his league. Ryan on the other hand…well, let’s just say at one point in the movie a kid asked him “what do you do all day?”

After a particularly bad day, Justin goes home and the two decided to go to a costume party dressed as cops. Hilarity ensues and the movie is off to slapstick, car chases, things exploding and all that fun stuff. At one point I leant over and asked my friend, “this is a comedy right?” The thing is, at one point I found myself covering my eyes and having a small stroke because the music was creepy, he was wandering down a semi dark corridor with a taser, then there were dark underground passages…it was a rollercoaster ride.

Jake Johnson Picture

Jake Johnson as Ryan

This movie was brilliant. It was so good throughout the whole thing everyone was reacting to everything happening on the screen. People were applauding, screaming, cheering, visibly grossed out by the naked sumo wrestler collision – I found myself laughing so hard at times I felt like my lungs would explode.

Now, let’s step back a second from the excitement of meth hitting, car chasing, girl kissing fun – the storyline for this picture was original. I have never seen anything like it before which is a good thing. There were parts of the movie that were serious because it needed to be and heartfelt because it needed to be. I thought it had the right balance throughout. There was one bit I thought, “well they could have done without that…” But other than that I was very pleased.

Rob Riggle Picture

Rob Riggle as Segars

There are two people I really have to point out in this movie aside from the stars of it. The first is Rob Riggle. He wasn’t a major character by any means when it comes to lines and face time. But, he was such a strong force and an integral part of the storyline.  Normally, we see him playing some funny roles and this was no exception, but there was a special kind of heart behind this character that just made me look at Mr. Riggle in a whole new light.

The second person is Joshua Ormond – had me rolling. Each time you see him you laugh. There is something truly inspiring to see such a young fellow holding his own against some big names like Riggle and Wayans.

All in all I really enjoyed this movie. The atmosphere it caused was enough to raise my spirits. But the laughter and the moments of “I can’t watch!” Then peeking through my fingers at the screen anyways was more than worth it for the night. Girl’s night out, boy’s night out – not the family night out–but have fun with it!

Joshua Ormond Picture

Joshua Ormond as Little Joey




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