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Commitment #Koreanmovie

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For those of you who have been keeping track, you know me. I LOVE a good Asian Drama or movie. Since I started a Netflix account, I am constantly stealing time from all the other crazy stuff in my life to watch as many of these movies as I possibly can. I also adore Korean Pop/Hip Hop music and one of my favorite bands is BIG BANG . 

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Choi Seung-Hyun aka T.O.P – a member of this band was in a movie that somehow I missed through my many moons of digging through Netflix for something watchable. I saw the poster and flailed happily but just couldn’t find time to really watch it.  I keep wanting to start it but from previous experience I knew precisely how it was going to end and I really didn’t want to see that on a day when the rain is falling, I fell out of bed that morning, was late for work, then stubbed my toe off a desk before missing BOTH my buses on the way home then was forced to endure a bus ride of screaming teenagers who have no idea how to use their indoor voices – a bad day.

The movie Commitment is about a North Korean spy that is sent into South Korea to carry out a few missions in hopes of seeing his baby sister again. Then all of a sudden everyone wants him dead.

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The movie started out great – right off the bat action. The story line had amazing twists and turns-things that I really didn’t see coming. Aside from knowing how it was going to end since I’ve seen numerous Korean Action movies with the same end, I had no idea how they were going to get there. As the story developed I was very intrigued and happy with what I was watching.

I never knew T.O.P as an actor, just as a rapper from Big Bang and I figured he may be like many English singers/rappers who cross over into movies–suck. But he was actually very good. He wasn’t as stiff as his rapper personna and that shocked me. He moved with a certain know-how before the camera that you cannot be taught. I mean, yes, people can teach you how to behave but there are just some things that are naturally in you that flow to the surface.

It was a great  movie, high speed chases, assassinations, espionage/betrayal galore, fun fights, karate – all that good stuff.

The one issue I have with Korean movies–the ending. If you’re looking for a happily ever after flick, these aren’t them and Commitment was no different. Watch, enjoy it for the action and the story but you have to be able to see past the Man on Fire ending to really enjoy.




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