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The Word FAG #Tdot #Serioustalk

Lately, Toronto seem to be going through its fair share of drama. I don’t know why, maybe there’s something in the water or its a full moon every night for the past eight months but whatever the reason, Toronto is being known around the world for all the wrong reasons.

Whether its our major being accused of being a crack-head, to the CBC allegedly firing one of its announcer for being into the 50 Shades lifestyle and having a crazy ex-girlfriend, none of those even compares to what I saw this morning.

Toronto is now a litter of different lawn signs saying “Vote” with some person’s face splashed on in the colour of their party’s colours. It’s been happening for months and they crop up almost as if overnight. On my journey to work, I looked across the sidewalk from where I stood on the bus and noticed a sign for one of the men running in this election. On his forehead, someone had taken the time to write, in big, black letters the word “FAG.”

As most of you know I am an ally–this is I am a very big supporter of LGBT and positive changes toward the community.  And seeing this just made me so, very disappointed. Aside from the fact defacing someone’s property is illegal, and aside from the fact that calling someone a “fag” is highly inappropriate, this is just so typical. We’ve become a society of name calling – from the N word to fag and queer and chink and all these other titles that are so overly offensive.

On the other hand, we’ve become a society of “that’s normal so ignore it.”  It should not be normal for you to offend people or call people names. We teach our children, as we were taught, it is impolite to call stupid little name we make up for them due to personality or body odour, the food they ate-their culture. So why is it now acceptable for us to call others a “fag?”

I get it, change is slow – no one understands that more than me. But on the other hand we need to teach each other that it is not nice to offend people–especially a complete stranger you know nothing about. We also need to research words before we use them.

Here’s what I think – The word is a throw-away word. It is one of those words in the English language in our society we can no longer use because it has become a term of hate and hatred. It is being replaced in the dictionary by stupid words like “twerk” and “metrosexual.”

“Fag” can mean “A student at a British public school who is required to perform menial tasks for a student in a higher class” – Free Urban Dictionary. “Fag” can also mean “a cigarette”…and the list goes on and on.

What I’m trying to say is, stop jokingly call your friend a “fag” over something you think is girly, or wimpy. Stop writing the word “Fag” on people’s signs on their foreheads. Stop using the word “fag” to terrorize the LGBT community. Stop saying things like “no homo” – what does that even mean?

Enough is enough. Teach your children better – whether or not they agree with or believe in LGBT shouldn’t be the point – the point should be “treat others as you would want to be treated.”




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They call me Kat, or Kitty Kat. I am a 34 year old Legal Admin Assistant by day, sensual, interracial romance author by night writing under Kadian Tracey and Kendra Mei Chailyn. I'm the best selling author of Broken Wings, Made to Bend Not Break, Cowboy Lullaby, A Lover’s Wish, Kiss It Better, GSG 9: CIRO: Miracle and the Beast (in the Susan Stoker Kindle World), SURRENDER: Prey and The Shadowcat Series. My life is pretty much spent tapping away at keyboards either at my day job or my evening job (writing). What will this blog be about? Well, aside from my writing, someone told me recently that there is plenty of fun to be had in Toronto at 33 years old and single! So, I’ve decided to have a little fun! I am hoping this fun will parley into more stories, novels and an evolution in my writing as well as a deeper understanding of myself. This blog is to talk about my day, things I see, people I interact with, music, art, what's happening in the world and events I attend! Here’s hoping I can make you smile and grow in the process!

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