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Celebrating the Niece at Ni JI – #Japaneseomnoms

Pic by Kato About Town

I was blessed with some of the most fantastic nieces in the world. How do I know? They’re smart, beautiful, funny–fabulous! My niece that lives close to me is now in high school, in grade 9 and she got all these amazing awards for highest marks – but enough gushing about how fan-tabulously smart she is.

I missed her award ceremony because right now I’m enrolled in a CELTA program so I had classes. Because of that, I promised to take her to High Tea.  Close to the date she changed her mind and decided she’d like me to take her to sushi instead. Now, you have to understand, the other restaurant I’ve ever been to for Sushi has been Springs and years ago, I went to Ikki Sushi on Kingston.  So, I did my research and decided to take her Ni Ji that’s on Ellesmere.

Photo by Kato About Town

The restaurant itself is located at the intersection of Kingston Road and Ellesmere and if you blink twice you could possibly miss it. Inside, the interior is small so if you’re going, either go early or go to take out. My niece and I didn’t have any issues getting a seat and the wait time wasn’t very long. The thing is if you want a quiet meal you may want to go early because you are seated almost in the path of everyone else.

It is not an overly fancy place but it is clean.The staff was kind, friendly. They knew their stuff too because since I wasn’t up on the latest trends in sushi (lol) they were able to explain a few things to me that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Photo by Kato About Town

The food was amazing and so plentiful, my niece and I took doggie bags home. Everything was fresh which is what you when eating sushi anywhere and what I ordered was what I got. The hot part of the meal was hot. The soup was very hot and boy did we need that. It was freezing outside.

The actual Sushi was delicious. We ordered Bento Boxes and then some stuff on the side because I was curious about them. I stayed away from anything squid because I tried squid balls at another restaurant and I’m still having nightmares about that.  We tried a crispy spicy roll which wasn’t all that crispy but I supposed with the way they make sushi it wouldn’t be conducive to be overly crispy. The dumplings came crispy on the outside and nice, hot and soft on the inside. Each time I bit into one I couldn’t believe just how good they were.

What truly impressed me was they gave me chopsticks for my meal and not offer to bring me a fork and spoons. Let me explain why this impressed me – A few times when I visited Japanese/Chinese/Korean restaurants, I am not sure why but they would bring chopsticks for everyone else at the table and offer me forks and spoons. At Ni Ji they brought me my chopsticks and I was happy as a clam!

The bottom line is, Ni Ji is a wonderful little fine. The food is amazing. I enjoyed my time there immensely. The waitress was so delightful to interact with. So, if you don’t mind a little cramped quarters for a little while, and you like your sushi, give Ni Ji a try. You won’t be disappointed.




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