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Vegetable Soup – Cooking with Kato

Winter is here – to most of our horror! Can you believe it’s been a year already? But with winter comes catching the cold and boy did my family find that out recently. So my mother was the first to catch it, then my father and then yours truly. I hate being sick but before I caught the cold, I made some soup for my mother for she wasn’t really eating. When she is ill, she gets turned off from everything she would usually eat. I needed to make her something that wouldn’t make her ill – you know, cause a revisit of said food? So I made some vegetable soup.

Ingredients – What you need.

Photo by Kato About Town – Winter Vegetable Soup

I pack soup mix (preferably the one with the noodle in it)
Bok Choy
1 Large Carrot
Ground pepper
1 Small squash (or a half depending how much you like squash)
Peas (You can use green beans if you prefer. Also, I used Navy beans because they are easy to cook)

In a pot with water, add your ground pepper and salt and set to boil. In a bowl, clean up your vegetables and cut them up.  Once your pot begins to boil, add your peas, some of your squash and broccoli. You want those to cook out and give the water some colour. After the peas cook, add all your other vegetables and give them time to get tender. Then, remove some of your vegetable and add them to a blender. Pour in some of your soup water from the pot and blend. Add the blended contents back to your soup and let simmer for about five minutes. Then add your soup mix and let simmer until noodles within the mix gets cooked.

Taste, ensure the soup is to your likeness. If too fresh add a little more salt and pepper to taste.

Want to freshen this soup up a little? Blend a piece of frozen watermelon with your vegetable before adding it back to the broth. This will give it a fresh and lighter taste.




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