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Birthday Dinner at Ace’s Place

Photo of the front of Ace’s Place – Photo by KAT

My beautiful niece just turned sixteen. I cannot believe how time flies. It seemed like just the other day, I was running after her through my house because she could never sit still for one second–that was until she discovered books.

After I cried in a corner about me getting old since I remembered the day she was born, I sucked it up and wanted to take her somewhere to celebrate. She chose to go to high tea but there was some mix up and we had to cancel the reservation and do something else, so I decided to take her to a cozy little restaurant in the Guild called Ace’s Place. Before I continue, I already went to this little place. Over the Christmas break a friend of mine that I met in high school, came back to town. She moved to Calgary so when comes home during the holidays to visit her family, we make sure we get together. We usually meet up at the Stone Cottage Pub but her sister recommended Ace’s and we met there. I didn’t really have anything to say about that first visit because I simply had a beer and a salad–but the staff was friendly, we even had a chat with one of the owners who was a wonderful man.

Anyways, let’s carry on to this second visit.

The restaurant was clean. It has a bit of a family setting–you can take your family there as well as meet there for girl’s night. If you’re a guy, you can go there for a beer after work or to watch a game–it’s just one of those places. It was well lit, lively – there was a large table a little behind us just hanging out, picking players for their fantasy hockey league.

It was one of those cold nights, but we made our way down to the diner and entered. We found a seat for two close to the window and got settled. A waitress came to us almost immediately. She neatly dressed, hair pulled back, very pleasant. She took our order drinks, offered us the menu and gave us a few minutes to look it over. When she returned with our drinks, my niece and I still couldn’t decide so we asked her some questions. I was very surprised because she knew her stuff. After speaking with her, we took another few minutes to decide.

It seemed my niece and I are more alike that I thought because we both decided on the fish and chips–except I wanted sweat potato fries with mine and one piece of Fish.  Now, let me explain the fish at Ace’s Place. If you re a big eater, I suggest getting the two pieces plate because that comes with two large piece of fish on a mountain of fries. We found this out after my niece ordered the two fish plate. Since I’ve been trying to eat healthy, I went with the one piece. My niece couldn’t eat both pieces so she took the rest home. So if you’re like me and you don’t really pig out these days, go with the one piece.

We also decided to get the vegetable spring rolls to start.

Spring rolls at Ace’s Place – photo by KAT

I always inspect utensils in restaurant and most often than not, I would have to ask for new ones whether its caked on food or water marks. But at Ace’s my utensils were clean. They were shined and that is the way I like it.

The spring rolls came first. They were beautiful. Now what we ordered would be for one person, I think, because you get served three spring rolls. But they cut them in half, for a more alluring presentation, I think. But not only were they very well presented, they were hot, and crispy on the outside. When you bite into them, they didn’t explode like some places or they weren’t stale so you had to literally rip the pieces apart. They were perfect.

IT took a little time for our meals to come because there were a few people there–which was understandable and I’m assuming they make your meal right as you order it–another plus to me. When our meals arrived, I was shocked because my niece’s place was piled high. The fish looked crispy and enticing and sat atop a mountain of fries. My niece was stunned because we both thought the fish would be smaller than what it was. Anyways, we decided then, there was no way she would be able to eat all of that, but we tucked in.

Once we cut into the fish, it was steamy and perfectly cooked. Sometime you order fish and chips and when it comes to you it smells, fishy–that raw smell like you went fishing for it yourself. Not this time. All you smell is delicious food that you just want to eat. The french fries were hot and crispy. They seemed as though they are prepared on site because they looked like freshly cut fries. What do I mean by that? Sometimes you go to restaurant and they order bags and bags of processed fries, pre-cut and frozen. These seemed different and they had that fresh taste to them which was nice.

Cheesecake at Ace’s – Photo by KAT

The desert was no less amazing. I had the cheesecake because I’m addicted to the stuff. It comes with toppings but I don’t really like toppings on my cheesecake unless my mother makes it to I declined getting it.  Now I know looking at the picture, it doesn’t seem like much, but I assure you, you’d be wrong. You know sometimes you order cheesecake, plain cheesecake and it comes and when you cut into it, it breaks. Sorry, Cheesecake isn’t supposed to do that. Cheesecake is supposed to crumble softly under your fork then melt in your mouth.  Oh yes, this one crumbled and melted–it was amazing.  The whip cream on the side was light  and carried off the cake perfectly.  I’m not much of a whip cream kind of girl but I really enjoyed this.

All in all, if you’re in Scarborough and you’re looking for a nice, cozy place with friendly staff, good food and a pleasant atmosphere, make your way down to Guildwood and check out Ace’s Place. You will not be disappointed.

Pricing: $$

Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream – photo by So Trace

My dinner- Fish with Sweet potato fries – photo by KAT



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