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Saying Goodbye to Patrick Jane: The End was Nigh and we didn’t see it coming!

**There MIGHT be spoilers especially if you intend on watching the Series Finale at some point**The Mentalist (2008) Poster

After The Guardian went off air in 2004, the space in my heart for Simon Baker was left with a gaping hole. Sure, I rewatched Something New but how many times can you see the same story over again without wanting to scream? Then in 2008, my prayers were answered and Simon was back on TV for weekly dates in The Mentalist. I was hooked from Red Hair and Silver Tape. I missed the pilot (which I later went back and watched afterward).

February 19th marked a bitter sweet night for Patrick Jane and Choisms. CBS’s THE MENTALIST took it’s final bow leaving an empty hole in the 8-9p slot on Wednesday nights.

Recently, I began using my Twitter account – Actually using it–I mean I was one of those weirdos who created an account but used it like once a month. So I began using it to live tweet with other fans during some of the shows I watch on Television. The Mentalist, was one of those shows.

Seven seasons ago – that’s TV talk for since 2008-The cast and crew of The Mentalist have been entertaining us with twists and turns. They’ve given us laughter and tears. For those of you who have NO idea what I’m going on about here’s an explanation.


Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane lying down with the RED JOHN symbol on the wall

The Mentalist stars Simon Baker (The Guardian, Something New) just lost his wife and daughter to a madman who called himself Red John. So Patrick pretends to be a psychic and begins working  with the California Bureau of Investigation’s Teresa Libon, played by Robin Tunney (Robot Chicken, Prison Break) and her team of awesome detectives.

Tim Kang Picture

Tim Kang played Kimball Cho

The cast of this show was truly amazing. We know Simon Baker is fantastic in everything he puts his hands on (and as an aside, he’s the man who got me to write Interracial romance to begin with). Robin Tunney is another big name that did really good job.

Let’s turn to Tim Kang.

We know him from the 2008 offering of RAMBO with Sly Stallone. He played En-Joo, one of the mercenaries sent to save that couple and their friends from the crazy militia type nut-bar-met with a bad end, very sad. If you’re a fan of The Office, he played Koh. In The Mentalist, Tim Kang was a huge standout. His character Kimball Cho was the stiff uppper-lipped, no nonsense agent who keeps the rest of the team on the ball.  He was so amazing that hardcore Mentalist fans began calling what he does and says “Choisms.” You have to be kick ass to have your own term created with your character name and Cho was as bad-ass as they come.  I think out of all the characters, aside from Patrick, I’ll miss Cho the most. And if the powers that be ever reads this, I advocate a Cho spin off.

Owain Yeoman Picture

Owain Yeoman played Wayne Rigsby

Though his character was gone before the end of the series, Owain Yeoman was another stand out as Wayne Rigsby. We know Owain from American Sniper, TURN:Washington Spies, Extant. Rigsby later married VanPelt, another agent from the same squad and after a rather bloody encounter with a bad guy where Rigsby was shot several times, the two declined positions with the CBI and FBI for civilian lives.  Rigsby was Cho’s partner and with him being a little loosey-goosey and Cho being such a stickler for rules and regulations, it was a wonderful dynamic. The two played well off each other so it was kind of a shock when he left the show.

This character went through a lot from a failed relationship due to them faking his death in attempt at catching Red John (which was an epic fail by the way), to having his heart broken because the CBI wouldn’t condone his relationship with another CBI Agent (VanPelt) who then broke up with him, to having to deal with Cho who never laughed at Rigsby’s jokes – oh the horror.  The upside is, he had his happily ever after and I was very happy to see that he and Vanpelt made an appearance in the series finale. It was good to see their faces.

Amanda Righetti Picture

Amanda Righetti played Grace VanPelt

Grace VanPelt – the truth is I didn’t even know her first name was Grace until I was looking her up after she left the show. Everyone just called her VanPelt and it stuck. Played by Amanda Righetti (Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, Captain America: The First Avenger), this CBI agent was apart of the team and focus on her career. If I was to be honest I loved the actress, didn’t so much like the character. I guess that’s a testament to how good Amanda was playing her. I found her to be a little TOO focused on career and broke my poor Rigsby’s heart. I think I detested her that whole time after that. But seriously, the character was very well played.

For seven season the writers and cast brought us a show that not only terrified us but made us laugh and cry. From crazy killers, to Choisms, to everything in between. It was a great pleasure to be a part of the viewership for The Mentalist. We watched these characters grow before our very eyes, falling in love with them, feeling their pain, and watching them evolve beautifully. They flourished for us with the genius of fantastic writers and supporters who expected more and was never disappointed.   Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when we spent the last few years getting know these beings we allow into our living rooms and bedrooms.

mentalistfinaleThe finale was amazing. It spanned two hours with surprises around every corner. Of course I thought the marriage of Jane and Lisbon was a perfect ending. The wedding seemed a tad rushed but at least there was one.

This was the way I wanted Sue Thomas F.B.Eye to end but they short changed me  at the last minute. But I was satisfied with the ending for the show.

During the finale, however, the badguy kept running around the city with half his face burned up along with one of his arm and no one saw fit to call the cops! Then he got a hat that said “Dont Mess with Texas” on the front which made me laugh so hard I snorted.  Anyway, this man got away with a LOT of stuff before he was finally caught. I found that really weird – Anyways, the episode had a strange Norman Bates with his dead mother in the basement-I had to do it mother thing going on which was so spooky I had to cover my eyes on a few occasions.

The book on a really cool show has been closed. And while I am sad to see The Mentalist end, fans like me knew this day would come. It just seem to sneak up on us, some more than others. I’ve been counting down the episodes for weeks now, feeling a bitter sweet sensation about it all. But like every good book, we must come to those two dreaded words, The End.



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