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Dan Talevski: Guilty as Sin and oh so good

Dan Talevski

Do you want to know something strange? I don’t remember how I became a fan of Dan Talevski–well yes, the voice, obviously and he’s not bad to look at either.  Maybe it was probably on one of my many hunts on the inter-webs to find new music for my inspiration playlist, or I was in a restaurant and heard a song playing and used Shazam to find out who it was…I can’t remember how I started listening and at this point, I’m not sure its important.

What is important is that Dan Talevksi is a major powerhouse when it comes to raw talent in the music industry. Sure, he was groomed with Just Beiber and while I am not a Beiber fan, Dan Talevski seems to have that certain special something that makes me go back time and time again just to hear his voice.

For those of you who know me or read my tweets and blogs, you know I love great music. I go out of my way to dig out, search out new artists, sometimes indie artists and if I love them I gush about them on twitter and right here at Kato About Town, Dan Talevski is one of these artists that I’ve come to adore and who have made it onto my playlist for Sinspiration (when I write).

Posting as DanJT87 on Youtube, he’s racked up millions of views.  Why? Well, not only was he blessed with boyish good looks, Dan can actually sing. There are very few people I enjoy hearing sing Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” (David Tsui is one). But I am amazed every time I go back to hear Dan’s rendition. It means they have REAL talent.  Dan covered Stay with Me and it is beautiful.

Then again, perhaps it is because Dan is a genuinely nice guy – I follow him on twitter and he always has a kind word when we interact.

Let’s talk about Dan for a second. According to his facebook he’s 27 which surprised me because I personally thought he was younger (hence the boyish good looks thing) But don’t let his age fool you–this cat has been around. From being groomed with the Beibs, to working with the likes of Will.I.Am and the beats-maker, Timbaland. But Dan wasn’t satisfied with the bubblegum pop that he found himself making. After touring with the Backstreet Boys, Dan got RyanDan on his side (you remember Ryan and Dan right? They were two of the members from the pop boy band B4-4 which by the way I thought was a big joke because Ryan and Dan are classically trained singers but I digress).

You can always tell when an artist is doing someone else’s music. There isn’t this ease that comes with the sound – Like Michael Jackson, when you hear that man sing it’s like butter. It’s smooth, it’s engaging, it’s real. I guess Dan felt that too because he didn’t like the music they were making him do when he first started out in Hollywood. “I’ve always had a slightly darker undertone,” Talevski explains. “People look at me and they expect to hear some corny little love song, but I like to take it a little more mature and sexual. I’ve been through a few things, so I took it to the next level.” (quote from Dan’s facebook). 

That new level is Guilty as Sin, Dan’s newest single that hit the digital shelves in February of this year. I have to admit I missed the release date because of some other stuff but when I found out about the song I quickly darted over to YouTube and had a listen. I was very impressed! This song is for the grown and sexy. It had that realness I talked about.

When you listen to this song for the first time, make sure you are somewhere quiet. Lay on your back, put your earbuds in, press play and close your eyes. This is a song that when you hear it at first you have to experience it and not just hear it. There is a refinement in Dan’s voice that wasn’t there before. The lyrics is risque but not to the point where you keep looking around hoping no one else can hear it but you. It’s not embarrassing sexy but a kind of sexy that is mature and alluring. I could talk about it for days but you have to listen to it for yourself.

So, check out Dan’s music on his ever popular youtube channel. And drop him a line/follow him on twitter. Say hello and check out his music. He’s doing great things and I’d keep an ear on him too because if he keeps honing his craft like this, he’s going to be huge.



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