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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty #BenStiller

**This movie was directed by Ben Stiller and stars himself, Kristen Wig, Sean Pen and Adam Scott. This review MAY contain spoliers.**

I was never a huge Ben Stiller fan. When I hear his name I don’t flail and call up Mojo and go “we HAVE to see this movie!” He just wasn’t one of those actors for me. I did enjoy Night at the Museum – that franchise is awesome to me. But then there was Meet the Fockers (that they kept making to my horror) and Zoolander (I mean, why?).  To top it all off, his brand of comedy isn’t something I’m a huge fan of. The whole repeating the punch-line thing over and over until the joke is completely dead. I mean how many times can you laugh at the same joke being told back to back – it get’s a little tiring. I think that’s my issue with Ben Still – his comedy makes me tired.

So when I was cruising Netflix like I usually do on day one of my two day, days off and came across The Secret Life of Walter Mitty I was skeptical at best. But, I took a breath, and took the plunge.

You see, Walter Mitty works in the basement of a magazine publisher – he’s the guy who all the photos go through, the ones for the cover especially. They have a star photographer who trusts Walter to get his pictures to where they need to get when they need to be there. Now said magazine was just taken over by a jerk face and he’s coming in, firing people, laying people off and all that. To top it all off, Walter is in love with this new girl that starts working in the company so he starts an E Harmony account because he heard she was on it. When he tries sending her a wink, the website tells him he can’t. Then you realize he only has two friends, the guy who works with him in the basement and the E Harmony tech.

Walter also lives in his head, you see. From time to time he would stop and delve into his vivid imagination to escape real life. He’s like most people, when someone is being mean, they have no come-back. But in their heads, they are dealing with it and getting results. They are standing up to bullies, jumping into burning buildings to save puppies and diving out of planes as said planes explode. Inside his mind, Walter Mitty is EPIC! When the photo (titled # 25) for the final cover for the magazine goes missing, well, Walter is forced out of the safety of his imagination and into the real world to go on an adventure to find #25, his friend Sean and himself.

This movie was amazing–hell it was way better acting than I thought Ben Still was capable of. Though there was some comedy in it, the movie wasn’t about that. It was about a man finally realizing who he is and what he has to offer another person, the world and himself.  He learns that life isn’t just about work and responsibilities, but it’s also about living as much as you can for as long as you can, and that when a senile sea captain says “It’s not a shark, its porpoise, it’s really a shark.”

There were times when he did the whole repeat the punch-line until it died thing, but it was about twice so I could overlook that. It was a well put together movie, and the scenery was fantastic. Every country Walter visits, ever mountain he climbs was vivid and clear. From the people, to the landscapes. If have a dream of travelling and wanting to see the world, check out this movie. And if you’re looking for a movie that is truly a great watch, Check out The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.



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