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All American Boy is here! #GrandFam #SteveGrand

A few years ago, maybe about two, my friends and I were doing what we called Hump Day Hotties. What is this you ask? Well, every Wednesday we would post a rather sexy gentleman on our facebook wall to celebrate hump day. So, I was running a little low on materials to post so I do what any normal, red blooded female would do – that’s right folks I hit Google.  I searched for a few minutes and didn’t find any that said “hey you, yeah you! Post me!”

I thought about it a moment, then tried again. This my keywords came up with twice the results my previous queries did and I was over the moon. I ignored the ones that would land me facebook jail and about halfway down the page I hit the jackpot. So I saved the picture and on Wednesday morning before I went to work, I logged in and posted this picture of the fabulous  model being modestly protected by the most beautiful red sheets I’ve ever seen.

I, of course, had no idea who this man was. To me it was another model that I’d never know his name and life went on. I posted it with the caption “I don’t know who this it, but hubba hubba.” Not even five minutes after I posted one of my American readers saw it and commented “OMG! You don’t know who that is? That’s Steve Grand!”  Of course I blinked at the comment and wondered if this was another one of those cases where I was living under a rock and not even notice such a wonderfully made man right in front of my face. Fearing my question would make my quite uncool, I took a breath and asked: “Um…who is this Steve Grand you speak of?”

Steve Grand – Photo by Joem C. Bayawa

She hit youtube and posted the the video fro his single (and a HUGE hit) ALL AMERICAN BOY. I watched once, then twice, then three times and went back to the picture on facebook. By now, other people were chiming in, giving me bits and pieces of his bio, telling me who he was and that this man was epic-ly awesome.  I had to agree. His voice had a certain something special that I haven’t heard before and the rawness in it got me hooked. Then, as a supporter of LGBT – I was super proud to see he didn’t tone down the love between the characters. Another that that amazed me was, he wasn’t standing before a window singing while two actors performed the story. He was in the midst of it all, telling the tale and making us feel that same loss when we fall for someone, maybe we shouldn’t fall for, or that one person who just can’t or won’t love us back. It was heartbreaking and beautiful.

I became a fan.

In 2014, he came to Toronto for World Pride and the second I found out, I flailed and ran around my room like a teenager. I counted down to the day when he’d be there and when that day finally came, I was there so early, people must have thought I was nuts. I was three rows back with my friends Mojo and Chef waiting. Then it happened – one of many heartbreaks in life. He wasn’t on the main stage but in the VIP tent. I was flabbergasted and outraged and just irritated. I did enjoy his performance–it just would have been better if I’d been able to be closer to actually see him. I came home and took to twitter about it. Steve of course was fab about it and sent me a private message saying how sorry he was that happened. Wasn’t that amazing of him?

My signed copy

Fast forward almost a year later and after he dropped a few more singles,his album All American Boy hit. Of course I pre-ordered mine,buying a signed copy and waited on pins and needles until it got here. I avoided youtube like the plague because I knew people who already had theirs from iTunes would be loading copies of the songs and I didn’t want to hear it until I could relax and listen. When it finally arrived at my house yesterday, I was in heaven.

I was not disappointed. I had to listen to it two times back to back not because I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but just because I was stunned at just how good it was.  Steve Grand can sing. There is no denying that.  As I said before his voice is something you wouldn’t expect and it is brilliant. But there is something just so refined about the actual album, the feel of it, the sound, the lyrics, the music–everything about it feels well thought out and put together.  Before I listened to the album I only had covers that he did like Bruno Mars It Will Rain and his other singles Stay and All American Boy. These songs I played over and over until he released Back to California, Time, Whiskey Crime and Benny and the Jets. 

If you’re looking for great music, a mixture of pop, rock, country and just smooth soul, you need to get your hands on your own copy of All American Boy. Forget the LGBT label, look past all of that. Because if you have a hang up there,you will definitely miss out on some amazing music.

My favorite songs off the album:


Oh and if you’re having a really bad day or you just think your life isn’t worth living just read his dedication. It will fill your heart and make you want to fight – if that doesn’t work, listen to We Are The Night, I promise, that song will give you hope. I was listening to it as I got off the bus and walking toward work feeling just crappy about having to go to work on Good Friday and as that song blared in my head, I found myself smiling and being uplifted.

So this album isn’t just music- this album is fresh, it’s life-changing–it’s air….

Search STEVE GRAND on facebook, follow him on twitter by clicking here  and visit him on the web



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