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My Journey to Lunafly #Lunafly

left to right Jin, Yu, Sam, Yub

I heard about Lunafly completely by accident.

It was after I finally made a conscious decision not to go to the first EVER K-pop convention in Toronto because I could not justify going to see Nu’est who I hadn’t really taken an interest in until the convention mentioned they would be the main act.  I mean, during my fall into the world of Asian pop bands and hip hop artists, I’d come across Nu’est but I didn’t really pay much attention. I was too caught up with Big Bang and Epik High etc.

But I truly digress.

The guys who brought on the convention had a hand in getting Lunafly here so since I’m a part of the facebook group, I got the ad about Lunafly coming to Toronto. This was back in–I wanna say, March. I looked them up on Youtube and got sucked into the Youtube Blackhole watching video after video of them. Fell in love with Sam, Teo (Taeho) and Yu. From their original songs to their covers, I realized these guys were good…very good.  Then I saw “Quiero Besarte” and blinked. Of course you already know I clicked on it. They sing in SPANISH!


They actually sing in Spanish!

So an hour later, I was hooked – until I found out that Teo was leaving Lunafly and in their greetings to Toronto–a video Asian pop bands make to say hi to fans in a city they are about to perform and to announce they are ACTUALLY coming to perform–and notice there were four members.  Upon Teo’s departure they replaced in with Yub and Jin.  Nevertheless, they were still super cool.

Jun @Nocturne. Photo by Kat

I somehow got my niece to go with me to the show and though we arrived late because one, I worked until an hour and a half before they hit the stage and it would take me that long to get there, two I had to pick up my niece and three, the club it was happening at has a tiny sign that if you blinked you missed it. We passed the dang place twice before stopping to ask a bouncer at another club where we could find this one club. He laughed and explained to us that the sign was so small, you have to be REALLY looking for it to find out. That is an issue. Oh and traffic…downtown…holy crap!

Finally we got there, climbed the mountain–er I mean stairs–and after the girls taking the tickets struggled to find the scan ap on their phones, we were finally in–two songs late–but in.

Sam (blond) @ Nocturne photo by Kat

There weren’t as many people there as I was expecting. I guess you see all these shows wit people lined up around the corner on TV so you just assume all concerts would be like this. But, there was a good turn out. They guys of Lunafly, though you couldn’t really see Jin (the drummer) because he was sitting down, were amazing live. And Sam can rap–holy crap! I was stunned! It was great. Their voices were pure, and close to the end, Sam began losing his voice which was to be expected.

They stopped from time to time to speak with the audience and these guys are hilarious. Sam played a prank on Yu and blamed Jin. The girls in the audience keeps screaming for Sam to take his shirt off, and is very British Accent told them no because there were minors there (it was an all ages event). Though disappointed in that, my niece and I still enjoyed our first venture into the world of Kpop concerts. We came out all sweaty and our voices were gone but it was totally worth it.

Lunafly @ Nocturne. Photo by Kat

Lunafy @ Nocturne. Photo by Kat



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