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Grace and Frankie #Netflix #NetflixOriginal

Grace and FrankieWow. So I’m not one for much Netflix Originals.  I never got into the new Daredevil nor did I get into Orange is the New Black.  I’m strange like that. But then I saw the ads for Grace and Frankie I burst out laughing and that got me. The story is something that happens, I think in today’s world. Two husbands and business partners decides to come out of the closet and tell their wives of 30-40 years that they were leaving them for each other. In essence they were gay and would be getting married.

Oh lord! Talk about bombshells! Now this is a great premise, especially when it’s Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston as the gay lovers Robert and Sol and Jane Fonda with Lili Tomlin are their broken-hearted wives. There are some amazing cameos that surprised me. For example, Ernie Hudson from The Real Ghostbusters. Then there was Barry Bostick from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Joe Morton who is Olivia Pope’s father on Scandal.  But the biggest surprise was Craig T. Nelson!

While it’s on the first season, and there was some laughs, I truly expected a bigger bang. The punchline for the whole season was the word “homosexual.”  After about three episodes, it got old fast.  The fully grown children are a group of jerks who cares for no one but themselves. For the most part two of them are completely immune to the pains of others. The other two tries to help but makes everything worse. I’m not sure how I feel about them.

Lili Tomlin as a hippie spent most of the season whacked out of her might on peyote and weed while Jane Fonda’s character shows glimpses of pain through throwing herself into internet dating and day dreaming about breaking a hip in Menchie’s.

The gay relationship between Charlie Sheen and Sam Waterston isn’t believable. The chemistry just isn’t there. Their kisses seemed plastic to me and I can’t put my finger on why.

Image result for grace and frankieThe premise for Frankie and Grace is a really good idea. The writers however have dropped the ball. Sure, I understand its a comedy, but the underlining theme could have been handled better. The acting could be better.  Perhaps I am expecting too much.

It isn’t a complete waste though. You will enjoy the light moments,  and some of the moments that happened because one or both Grace and Frankie are high out of their minds.  There are some glimmers of light in the show. Take a look for yourself, and see if you like it. For me, I like it, I just thought it has so much more potential than the word “homosexual.”



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