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Jurassic World – #JoDate #Dinogeddon!

Let’s be honest. Chris Pratt is no Sam Neil, Bryce Dallas Howard is now Laura Dern and Omar Sy is no Jeff Goldblum so when I heard they were making another Jurassic I wasn’t really a fan of the idea. Honestly, my thought was, how many times do you expect us to suspend disbelief that someone is that stupid to clone dinosaurs? I mean come on, their extinction happened for a reason. But as I ventured on my Jo Date for my birthday (and our anniversary movie since Jurassic in 3D was the first outing we had as friends) I realize, yes, humans are just that dumb. Since the first three times they’ve attempted this insane plan ended so well (insert sarcasm here) they just had to do it again. This time, it is so epicly stupid (Yes I know that’s not a word but I had to make something up to fit) it was mind-blowing.

Jurassic World is back and it’s original owner, the man who started this mess in the first dang place is gone. He’s left strict instructions how on the park is suppose to run. But the new Jurassic is bigger, better, crazier than all the other ones. This one is decked out with holographic dinos as well as the real deal. But this time, they take the cloning to a whole, new level.

I cannot write this how I want to without giving away spoilers so let’s skip to the actual review, shall we?

Jurassic World is what we’ve come to expect from the franchise-big sounds, picturesque views, crazy dinos and screaming people. The story-line flows well and surprisingly it wasn’t bogged down with semantics like some sequels tend to be.  Though the movie was a little over two hours it didn’t feel like that. This movie was one hit after another, twists and turns and that guy from The New Girl! 

Speaking of casting, there is one big surprise that will leave you doubled over in laughter. Trust me, it will be worth it.

So what do I really think of Jurassic World. While Chris Pratt wasn’t the guy I’d chose for this role I have to say I was very stunned and happy with the choice because he brings new life and new laughter, to the franchise. The movie was broken up into serious, scary and double over funny.  There is some continuation issues, especially with Bryce Howard’s shoes (the length of the heels keep changing) and I could have sworn they moved the pool with the amphibious dino from a pool to the actual ocean but I can’t be sure.

The movie is great, and trust me when I say, go to the bathroom first because this movie will scare the crap out of you – and isn’t that what we want?


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