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Eat With Me #Movie #LGBT

Eat with Me (2014) Poster**This movie is LGBT**

I’m always on the look out for LGBT movies that makes me feel something.  From Undertow to Leave it On the Floor, I find there are very few amazingly written movie.

Since I’m years over the Eating Out movies (they really should stop making those by the way) so I keep looking for well made LGBT movies that’s not the norm. Eat With Me I found on Netflix on one of my digs and I got interested because Is aw George Takei’s face. I know, weird reason to watch a movie but I adore the man.

Eat With Me stars the beautiful Aidan Bristow along with  Sharon Omi, Teddy Chen Culver, Nicole Sullivan with an appearance by George Takei. It’s a movie about Elliot, a Chinese American chef who has great intentions, and he loves what he does but his restaurant is going into foreclosure, his mother and father just broke up and she’s staying with him then to top it all off, he’s gay and there’s no way she will not find out now that she’s staying with him!

I enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t your typical LGBT movie like eCupid. The characters are strong and flawed. Another thing I love about this movie, is the gay characters are not twinkie. They are not overly feminine which seems to be the go to for writers of gay scripts these days. I was very happy with that.

The story follows Elliot and his need for companionship, but it also follows his mother and what happens when a relationship just comes to an end and there’s no going back.  My heart broke for her repeatedly , and I found as the movie progressed, I wanted to get to know this woman, see what is hidden behind her calm exterior. I wanted to see her freak out a little more during her pill session with the neighbour (played by Nicole Sullivan from MadTv). That made me laugh until I cried.

The story line dragged a couple of times but those can be overlooked. The movie had heart and an interracial relationship which made me very happy.

You should check this movie out – it’s amazing.


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