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BigBang’s Made in Toronto – My Journey to BigBang 2 #MadeinToronto #MadeTour


I waited for months, counting down to the night when I would sit in the stands at the Air Canada Centre and scream until I’m hoarse.  I’ve been in love with BigBang for years now, craving their music, devouring each new release, getting them translated and digging through Youtube to find other singers who cover BigBang’s music.  I know almost all there is to know about this band and their music. When they began releasing their mini albums (MADE) I waited for the beginning of each month with my iTunes card and downloaded the songs the minute they become available on this side of the world. Though Loser and Let’s Not Fall In Love breaks my heart in all the best ways, I listened to all the songs on repeat for days, took a break then started all over again.

BigBang Torch

The days leading up to #MadeinToronto, I began having second thoughts, getting nervous. You see I was going to BigBang alone and the thought of being the only black girl in a sea of Asian faces terrified me like no other. But that’s another story you can read here.

Even as I jumped on the bus heading to Don Mills Station to find my way to the Air Canada Center, I was still having second thoughts. I was still tempted to turn around and just head home and hide. But I didn’t. The closer I got to downtown, the more I see girls I knew were heading to the concert. No, they weren’t wearing outfits with BigBang written on the front, but they carried the BigBang torches.

My heart raced as Bang Bang Bang and Sober blasted into my head halfway there before I created a new playlist to begin going through the tons of BigBang music I had. All the way there, I listened to them, trying to silence the fear in my head, the one that had me on the brink of tears. The closer I got, the  more my emotions played ping pong–from fear to excitement, back to fear, back to excitement. I mean, I was heading to BigBang–I’ve been waiting for a moment like this since 2007!

The BigBang stage

One thing you should know about a Kpop concert is this – everything is expensive. Am talking EX-PEN-SIVE! The torch was fifty dollars! That I understand because you don’t have to buy one at every concert. You save it,  change the batteries and use it for every BigBang concert you ever go to so they are trying to make some dough. The tshirts range in prices from 50 to 55 dollars. So my BigBang Tshirt will be the most expensive shirt I’ll ever wear lol.

I was up high but I do have a camera that zooms in so I got lucky a few times getting pictures of my favorite members T.O.P and GD. The music was remarkable. Sure, they are great singers, dancers and rappers but nothing compares to it live.

Notable moments:

Daesung and T.O.P

T.O.P – I’ve always adored this guy. He’s a rapper and he sings. Aside from being a part of BB, he is also an actor and does solo music. His latest hit Doom Dada put Busta Rhymes to shame because I think he could go u pagainst T.O.P and lose. When T.O.P hit the stage to perform his solo song everyone was on their feet. I was screaming so loud I thought for sure I’d pass out. Then there was a break in the music and he rushed to the front of the stage. He ripped the roof off the ACC!  I never realized just how good he was at this rap game until he just stood there and let ‘er rip! The girl beside me poked me and said “Oh my God! What tha….” And all I could was shake my head, look at her and say “Oh, yeah. That, just happened!”

Taeyang – I’ve always adored Taeyang. From the first song I’ve ever heard by him “Wedding Dress” to now. His newest releases tears at the heart and left me sitting at my computer holding my breath without even realizing it.  He did a performance of EYES NOSE LIPS at the ACC and there weren’t a dry eye in the house.  When I got home, I got the rest of the songs from that album and binged.

Daesung – Now, he does most of his solo stuff in Japan under the name D-Lite and yes he did perform  his hit WINGS but that wasn’t his most memorable moment. He got me when he told the audience he couldn’t see us because of his hairstyle and asked if we wanted to see his eyes. He had beautiful eyes- Just saying.


Seungri – oh lawd. I always taught he was a quiet one and maybe he is but on that stage when he came on to sing his solo STRONG BABY–there was so much sex appeal you could have knocked me over with a feather. He was beautifully dressed in a suit with a skinny tie and looking all kinds of delicious. I was on my feet dancing. I developed anew found attraction to him because of that performance and some time down the road he will be my inspiration for a novel.

GD – Everything this cat does is amazing but seeing him in person gave his life, his aura a special kind of special. Watching him perform Zutter with T.O.P I was just in heaven.  I love the way he interact with the audience, the way he moved across the stage. I wanted him so badly to do BLACK but he didn’t. Instead he performed something else.

The band even stopped to talk to the audience from time to time and I had the pleasure of watching D-Lite gyrate to Michael Jackson and the pleasure of Seungri tried singing Sexy Back. Their personalities were everything I imagined and then some. Their costumes, their voices–everything about BigBang made me very happy and makes me want to continue supporting them as one of my favorite Kpop acts.

I enjoyed my time in the presence of greatness. From the atmosphere  to everything in between, I finished the night with my throat burning from all the cheering and screaming I did.

The fans were amazing and helpful. They were talkative and accepting–at least the ones I had the pleasure of interacting with.

So listen, if you ever get the chance to see BigBang in concert, don’t hesitate – don’t second guess, just do it. you will have a roaring great time!



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