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Pop!Goes the World at it again! #Kpoptoronto

This year (2015), Pop!Goes the World put on Toronto’s first major Kpop Convention. I promoted it some on this blog and through tweets and facebook but I didn’t end up going. There are a couple of reasons – One, I was prepping for my first ever romance convention and I was going as a writer so TONS of swag to put together. And two, I wasn’t really that familiar with the band that was coming – NU’EST.  So, the moment that convention ended, I began looking forward to 2016’s.  First, I kept


checking their website and bought my VIP membership card. This guard gets me into the Convention for free but I have to pay for the concerts–seems fair.

Yesterday, December 4th, they announced the one of the FOUR acts gracing Toronto with their presence in 2016. They guys putting this together seems to love teasing us because they have special times and dates for everything.  Anyway, the act for opening night will be the fantastical VIXX.

Now there’s a story there for me.

A few years ago when my obsession for Kpop started becoming raging, I used to take time and dig through Youtube for new bands. One of such adventure, I found VIXX and instantly stop watching them. Not because they were horrible, or because they weren’t pretty, but because the first video I ever saw from them was Voodoo Doll.  Now before you all run out


and go check out the video hear this – this video is not, I repeat NOT for the faint of heart. If you’re not into blood and gore, or if it makes you squeamish or if you don’t like it because it gives your nightmares – you might want to skip this video and watch Super Hero instead.

So, at the announcement I was familiar with the band. The thing is I was looking–or rather-hoping for BTS – you see, seeing Rap Monster in person would blow my mind.

VIXX is different than most other Kpop band in the fact they are a bit darker. Some could say it was a phase they’re going through because they started out as bubble gum pop. If you have a strong heart, check out Voodoo Doll to see what I mean. I am going back and giving this band a second look and so far my favorite song by them is Chained Up. 

Leo & Ravi

Their members Leo and Ravi did a song together called Beautiful Liar and though a beautiful song, the video will break your heart and put it back together. The video is simple yet intricate and beautifully woven. I keep watching it over and over again and it is the only VIXX video I have on my iPod to watch again and again. Beautiful Liar is the first kind of sub piece by members of VIXX–this is when members team up to do a song together and if this is what the first sub looks like, can you imagine the others?  The members of VIXX seem to be talented beyond their years and that is something so wonderful to see.

Closer to the convention I will be doing a featurette on each VIXX member so keep your eyes on this space.

To find out more about the Toronto Kpop Convention, please click here.  And check their website regularly because tickets for the concert + gala for first night goes on sale December 11, 2015 and there will be TONS of announcements to come including the other THREE – count em-three, acts to be at the convention next year.

Can you tell I’m excited?




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  1. Wauw sounds really cool ^^ I hope you’ll have lots of fun!
    Too bad you couldn’t go this year xp I would have loved to see NU’EST ^^ I like some of their songs quite a lot 🙂

  2. I think my favorite song is Not Over You. I’m still trying to get a real feel for them…Right now am trying to bone up on VIXX lol

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