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Janet Jackson’s #Unbreakable – Breakable

When I heard that amazing Janet Jackson was coming back with a new album after an eternity, I remember jumping up and down and flailing like an idiot. Why? Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a huge fan of hers. From Rythym Nation, to Runnaway to All for You – her beats have moved, made me fall in love (including the sensuality), fall out of love, deal with break-ups. Her albums over the years always made me feel something and helped with building my self confidence.

There are some artists when I listen to them and decide to support them it’s after they release a single and I know I like it, I’ll buy it off iTunes. Then there are other automatic buy artists. Janet Jackson has always been an automatic buy artist for me.

So, hearing she was coming back after so long was music to my ears. I waited–and one day I walked into HMV and bought four new albums; Unbreakable being one. I took it home, slipped it into my computer, imported it then loaded it to my iPod. I listened to it a few times, just to be sure of how I feel about it. And I have to say I am kind of disappointed.

Before I continue, I have to say this. I’ve listened to this album more than once. I listened to it twice the day I purchased it and about four times since then. I listened it one sonce after another, carefully. I wanted to make sure of what I would say in this review.
Listen, I’m not saying Ms. Jackson is supposed to make the same album over and over–that’ s not my point. My point is, aside from glimpses of her, the album sounds as if someone who had never listened to a Janet Jackson song in their life, wrote the album and she just sang the songs.

Burn It Up (Featuring the fantastic Missy Elliot) is one of the songs that I enjoy from the dsic. That gives some spec of what Janet sounds like or sounded like something she would do. A few of the soungs sounded a bit off key – perhaps she was trying a new sound but I just can’t get into them no matter how many times I’ve listened to the album so far. Adter You Fall is a beautiful track as well as No Sleep.

Another thing, the spelling of things on this album is autrocious – and I know it’s because she’s trying to be hip but there is no reason for there to be 3 E’s in the word “sleep” or 2 m’s in “damn” or for burn it up to be one word.

While I’m glad to hear Janet Jackson singing again and know these songs probably came from her new lease on life, and to see her go on tour, this isn’t a strong enough album to make me go gaga. There is something missing. It feels almost sterile to me.
I’ll forever keep listening to it because I did pay for it, and there are a couple of tracks that I like, but I’ll always skip the songs between those.

I don’t even know what else to say – This isn’t Janet to me.

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