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Superbowl 50 #SB50

Last night after the Denver Broncos gave the Carolina Panthers a right spanking, the internet broke. Yes, I said after . It didn’t break because Lady Gaga’s stellar performance of the national anthem, or of how beautiful she looked or of the giant rock on her finger. It didn’t break because of Beyonce, Cold Play and Bruno Mars made our minds explode and it didn’t break because the Broncos slayed it–it broke because of the two seconds at the end of the half-time performance. People took to the net to complain that the image at the end of the performance was too “gay” for the Superbowl. 

Let me give you a second to have that sink in.

You see the last time I checked, “colourfull” and “gay” had two separate meanings. When did we become so dumb that we interchange the two? I’m not going to go into all of that, but when I saw all the complaints today I laughed until I almost peed myself. You see, I’ve become a very good predictor of stupidity. All I could think was “at least they waited until after the game to start hating.”

I enjoyed the performance last night. Aside from Carolina using up all their challenges before the end of the second quarter, and a few plays that made me arched my brow and question who was sailing their ship, I enjoyed it all. But the whole complaint that all the colours were too “gay” really grinds my gears and here is why.

Sure, it’s not the sixties, but wasn’t it the same people who walked around dressed in colourful garbs, flowers in their hair, seeing psychedelic colours after a particularly hard binge while saying stupid crap like “groovy man” and the sort? Was colorful not gay then or did it just become that in our generation?

It seems as if our stupidity and hatred has blinded us to the beautiful message the performers were trying to send. Somewhere in the midst of our hate, and homophobia, we missed a celebrity trying to teach us that love is stronger, love is louder, love is more beautiful than everything. Why was it necessary to bring someone’s sexuality into all of this?

Is this another one of those macho moments when they think gay men can’t be tough? Are we back to this crap again? I mean really? How many times can we rehash this same nonsense?

Anyway, can I say how fantastic Beyonce was? (And I’m not a HUGE Bey fan). She was curvy and fabulous! Coldplay was magical, Bruno Mars made me laugh as usual and the Broncos–they came to play. Cam Newton (Panthers) looked as though he was in pain and was just exhausted. Not sure where the wheels fell off on that one but he needed a lot more help than his guys gave him.

All in all, wished my Saints were in but that wasn’t the way the cookie crumbled, maybe next year, huh? Then again, I’m used to betting on the wrong horses. I am after all a Toronto sports fan.

Believe in Love people. Believe in love.




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They call me Kat, or Kitty Kat. I am a 34 year old Legal Admin Assistant by day, sensual, interracial romance author by night writing under Kadian Tracey and Kendra Mei Chailyn. I'm the best selling author of Broken Wings, Made to Bend Not Break, Cowboy Lullaby, A Lover’s Wish, Kiss It Better, GSG 9: CIRO: Miracle and the Beast (in the Susan Stoker Kindle World), SURRENDER: Prey and The Shadowcat Series. My life is pretty much spent tapping away at keyboards either at my day job or my evening job (writing). What will this blog be about? Well, aside from my writing, someone told me recently that there is plenty of fun to be had in Toronto at 33 years old and single! So, I’ve decided to have a little fun! I am hoping this fun will parley into more stories, novels and an evolution in my writing as well as a deeper understanding of myself. This blog is to talk about my day, things I see, people I interact with, music, art, what's happening in the world and events I attend! Here’s hoping I can make you smile and grow in the process!

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