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An Open Letter to the #TTC

**I’m going to try writing this post without being rude or vulgar. Lord knows after the morning I’ve had it will be a miracle if I pull that off.**

Usually, when it comes to the Toronto Transit, I am patient. I mean, sure, things happen. Break downs, emergency, fires–all these things can happen and there is nothing anyone can do about it. But when it takes me three hours to get from Kennedy to Queen station, I lose my crap.

Let’s start at the beginning.

March 31st, 2016 – An hour and  half to get from Queen to Kennedy station. I lost my cool about that because come on, there is no snow outside, no freezing temperatures and still the powers that be cannot seem to get the TTC to be reliable mode of transportations for thousands of people. They got us to leave our cars at home or at one of their many parking lots and take the train, yet still it’s taking us three hours to make a trip that should be an hour tops.

  1. First excuse – signal trouble
  2. Second excuse – medical emergency on platform
  3. Third excuse – unsafe conditions
  4. Fourth excuse – medical emergency on train


This morning, April 1, 2016, I got on my first train at quarter to eight. Before that happened, I saw a notice saying that I would have to get off the train at Victoria Park and take a shuttle bus. I laughed. Why? The last time the TTC told me to use a shuttle bus, it was that winter when everything froze over and when I finally made it to where the buses were, it was actually a lie, there weren’t any shuttle buses. I guess because they kept dumping people on the platform and heading back the other way they had to say something to get people to leave the over-crowded platform.

Anyway, back to April 1st, 2016.

I got off the train at Victoria Park and it took me twenty minutes to get off the platform. I kept checking the time because I should start work at 9 and at eight twenty I was still stranded at Victoria Park, on a crowded platform with people touching my ass. By the time I got down to the lower level, I was mad. I saw a TTC worker and asked her where the shuttle buses were. Instead of answering my question, the lady walked off, screaming that the shuttle buses were at the platform where the number 24 comes in. Now, I started grinding my teeth. I am not familiar with Victoria Park station – I’ve had no reason to really seriously use it. Not only was I dealing with no way of getting to work, I now have to deal with this loud mouthed, rude woman.

I bumbled my way around until I found the buses. You would not believe the crowd. Then the announcement came that things were cleared up with the trains and we could use them again. I tried going up to head west but that wasn’t going to happen. There was gridlock at the stairs and escalator because the escalator wasn’t working. Why would it be working? That would only have been convenient, wouldn’t it? And we know by now there is nothing convenient about the TTC.

So, I had to go up the wrong side and take the train backward expecting to get off at Warden and get on the right train. That wasn’t a good plan. Warden station was jammed so I went all the way back to Kennedy. Finally, on my way to work again, I figured, I can make it at a reasonable time. Right?


The alarm in this train started going off. I thought “now what?” I figured it was an emergency and someone pressed the buzzer to get some help. But when it went off all the way to Warden station, I was beginning to get upset again. We sat on the platform a few minutes before they told us anything. Then they tried informing us of what was happening but as usually the speakers in the trains are USELESS. Finally it cleared up and they told us they were trying to fix the issue. That went on for another few minutes before the voice came back and told us they can’t help us so we needed to get off.

Back I go to Kennedy again.

Eventually, I was on my way. The train ride was slow because of one of the many excuses they keep giving us.

Here’s why I was righteously pissed off.

If I was going out with my friends, or to something insignificant, it wouldn’t have mattered. I’d just shrug and go back home. But I was heading to work. For six years, I struggled to find a job, SIX years and finally I found one, I’m still on probation and here I was playing ring-around-the-roses with the TTC being late for work.

This is unacceptable. Three  hours is downright shameful. Why is it there are no new trains running east and west? Why are all the new trains on the downtown line? Why are the trains running from Kennedy as old as from Jesus was a child? Is there a reason for that?

Why is it, after all these years you are STILL having so many major issues with the trains and the lines? Is there a reason these issues aren’t being addressed? And you can’t say it’s money because the TTC fares went up about twice in the last five years because you needed more money.

Bottom line is I’m tired of this. I’m sick and tired of sitting on a train for three hours because you can’t get your crap together. I’m tired of the excuses and I’m tired of paying so much for less than we had ten years ago. The service is horrible. The operators are rude and loud–come on! I have nothing good to say about the TTC at the moment and that’s downright sad.

It’s time to get your crap together.


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