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The Good Wife a Bad End

Most of you know me, when I find a show that I love, I tweet with them, I yell how fab it is from the mountain top. When I first started watching the Good Wife it was entirely by accident. And when I say that, I mean, I missed the first season, caught about the fifth episode of the second season one night when I was bored to tears and channel surfing. After watching the episode, I freaked. I couldn’t help changing my facebook status to “The Good Wife – I need this in my life.”

I mean, here was a show centered around a strong, female lead and it was doing well! The writing was awesome and the storylines – wow! I was in love. So, I kept watching. There were a few twists that had me scratching my head like having Alicia stay with Peter after all the rotten things she found out about him, and after seeing the kind of skeevy jerk he truly was. But, I overlooked that because I figured, it’s not real life and it did give the show a kind of guilty pleasure thing that I adore.

Then the storyline with Will and I was even more invested because I figured, she is dealing with the Peter issues but here is Will, a man who obviously loves her, she’ll do what’s right, right? But turns out I was wrong because the writers on this show seemed to have lost interest in storytelling and fell into the same boring, disappointing trap every other TV show falls into. From Agents of Shield to Sleepy Hollow–when things aren’t going right, major character must die. It’s like none of these brain dead zombies learned anything from Criminal Minds trying to kill off Prentice and kept having to find ways to bring her back because fans just did not like the characters/actresses they replaced her with. NCIS did it with Kate and after that the show was never the same. So why wouldn’t The Good Wife go that way by killing off Will.

Just writing that, I can hear the internet breaking all over again.

Okay, fine. Will is dead – it took a while for us to pick our hearts up off the floor but we did and we moved on. Then here comes Jason played by the very yummy Jefferey Dean Morgan and rumors started swirling about the show not coming back. I thought FINALLY! Alicia is going to grow a pair and do what’s right. But she keeps making the same dumb mistakes over and over again that just told me precisely how the show would end.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan PictureFirst of all, Peter is in trouble AGAIN. This time, he was in SERIOUS trouble. Instead meeting up with him and say “well, you’re screwed this time. I cruised with you on your sinking ship to hell the first time but this time, brother? You on your own.” I mean any sane person would tell him that. No, instead, the writers have her stand by his side. Remember what I said earlier about a strong female lead? I take that back. Alicia Florrick is the typical definition of woman who can’t make up her mind. She gets hurt and she cries woe is me but she doesn’t learn from it. She sticks herself back in the position to get screwed all over again then whine and complain about how karma is being unjust to her.  I mean, Peter cheated on her once, she had his back then he did it again and instead of standing up to set a good example for her daughter, this disappointing writers had her go back like “please sir, can I have some more?”

Then her relationship with Jason – as a romance writer I am disappointed with this one most of all. He obviously cares for her. But she gets so caught up in this web of chaos that Peter carries everywhere he goes that she couldn’t listen to Lucca telling her that Jason wasn’t going to wait around forever. She becomes this manipulating witch that I couldn’t even stand because she spent half the season using Jason to get answers, and support but when he reaches out she runs so fast back to Peter it’s pathetic.

Thinking back, having Peter’s back wasn’t the only dumb move this character made. Every decision Alicia made seems like she wasn’t at all very bright. She constantly trusted people she shouldn’t and those she should she treated them with contempt. Her son comes home telling her he was moving to France with his older girlfriend to become a house husband and instead of hitting the roof, like a mother would, she got drunk and broke into a giggling fit.

Every episode I watch I see a sliver of a reasonable woman there – then she did something so resoundingly unbelievable, you HAD to watch the next episode to see how it would end.

Bottom line, us fans who have been watching this show throughout out the seasons were shown no respect. We were given nothing to make us say “that was worth the three hundred and forty hours we put in. There’s no satisfaction, no good feeling, not even a bad fleeing all I feel is betrayed.

Hell this was just as bad as letting Dexter pull the plug on his sister then became a lumberjack–no wait this is worse. At least we know what happened to Dexter. No, this ending is just as bad as the Sopranos ending…Corny rendition of Journey then black screen.

With the Good Wife all fans were left with were questions.

Dear Writers of these TV Shows, when fans watching your program is like them investing their money into a company. They want to see a return. They want to be satisfied. If they aren’t seeing any return or gaining anything by watching, why should they watch? If you kill off all the characters (Like BONES – this is why I stopped watching – Sweets’ death was the last straw), why should we watch? Some people watch these shows for a certain character (I watch Criminal Minds for Mogan/Garcia and Reed.) and when their character is gone (Dead) there’s no reason to keep watching. I’m not saying characters can’t die or leave – that’s a natural part of things. But lately, it seems to be a trend, a bullshit trend that you really need to stop doing. If you can’t write a season without a main character dying, maybe you should hire me.

In the end, I invested in a show that ended with a resounding dud. I know I’ve used this word a few times but that was hella disappointed.




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