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Slash and Burn time

Well party people, it is that time of year again in TV Land where television shows learn their fates. The list that was put out today on MSNBC stuns me and I will explain why as I give you the list. Tis as follows: Oh and PS: This may or may not contain spoilers….

  1. Galavant – This show is the SHIZZ! It’s like if Mel Brooks and the writers of REIGN got together and decided to have a love child! This is the most shocking cancellation for me so far.
  2. Nashville – CMT meets Young and the Restless meets an episode of Maury. I wasn’t a hardcore fan of this one. I mean, the music was good but once they turned into a soap opera with the Maury storyline of who’s yo baby daddy – I was out. It pulled me back in with the LGBT storyline because I am always curious to see how writers portray the LGBT community. Have to say, I was a bit proud until the gay guy tried kissing his OBVIOUSLY straight friend. That is a no-no.
  3.  The Family – This show was creepy as all hell from episode once. It’s about a politician’s son who goes missing. They put someone away for the crime turns out the guy didn’t do it, or did he? You see, there is some hope within the premise of this show, but when it turned into a worse version of M. Night’s THE VILLAGE meets WAYWARD PINES and SCANDAL – I’m o-u-t. And what is with that creepy-ass kid?
  4. Castle – Now let’s preface what I’m about to write with this. I LOVE Nathan Fillion since that moment he showed up in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then he was in FIREFLY and that man hit sex symbol status with me the moment he said “I aim to misbehave!” *purrs* so when he cropped up again in CASTLE, I was there week after week. He made me laugh, he made me cry then then got weird and he went MIA and came back with memory loss…WTH? This is NOT an episode of PASSIONS people! To make it worse, Stana is leaving the show which killed it because there is no way the show could work without the dynamic between Castle and Beckett.
  5. Agent Carter – Lawd have mercy where do I start. For those of you who know me, you understand my frustration or you’ve heard me voice this before – It didn’t seem like they spent any money on this show. The graphics were bad, the sound effects were horrible, the storylines – holy mother of bad! I tried, I really, really tried liking this show because it had a female lead but the crap that left that screen was not tolerable.
  6. CSI Cyber – First of all, I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking. This show sounds like a porno. Yes, I know you’re allll thinking it. But let’s look at the actually show. While I love the idea that a female was leading the team, they could have done better than Ms. Arquette. Don’t get me wrong, I adore her in Medium but her style of acting did not fit. The show had some moments that made me cheer and some characters that I ADORE who turned out to be nice guys in real life (I used to live tweet with the a couple of the cast members on twitter) but it wasn’t going to last so I didn’t get attached.
  7. Grandfathered – Um…John Stamos wasn’t enough for me to watch this show and neither was Prentice – my bad Paget Brewster. I guess if this show was the reason she had her panties on fire to leave Criminal Minds – was that a failed decision Ms. Brewster? I’d say that a big ten four good buddy!
  8. The Grinder – Um…I tried watching this show with Rob Lowe – but each time I watch it I find myself wanting to bang my head into the dresser going “why! Why! Whyyyyyy!”
  9. Containment – This show is about a mysterious epidemic in Atlanta forcing some kind of a medical quarantine – I’m not entirely sure why they felt the need to put this on the list because when the CW released it they said it would be a LIMITED EVENT SERIES. So technically, it wasn’t cancelled per say but ran it’s course, right? I have nothing to say about it since I make it a point not to watch anything with the potential of having zombies jump out of dark corners to scare the crap put of me.
  10. Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life – Strange, I watch a lot of TV but never heard of this one. What can I say – it’s been canned.
  11. Bordertown – Another one I didn’t watch. I gave on these animated shows after FUTURAMA.
  12. The Muppets – I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain what this one’s about. But why did they feel the need to make a tv show with these guys?? Save it for the movies people!
  13. Blood & Oil – This show had MASSIVE potential. When I say MASSIVE, honey I mean MASSIVE. But somewhere along the line someone gave up and it tanked and is cancelled. You see, it’s about a young couple who goes to this fictional town that just struck oil trying to get their piece of the pie. Then they get drawn into this feud with this rich guy–OMG! I was so excited…then I watched it…*Sigh*
  14. Rookie Blue – It’s very rare that a Canadian show like this gets cancelled. Flashpoint lasted for a while. Rookie Blue was amaze-balls. It started out well, then started becoming more about the messed up personal lives of the characters and not their work lives and it was just not done right.
  15. The Good Wife – *sigh* What a disappointment. Ever watch a show, be a fan of the show then close to the end of the latest season you just want to reach through the screen and slap the shit out of the main character? Honey, I wanted to run her over with my car because there is NO way, a woman can be THAT dumb and she wasn’t written by Shounda Rhimes (did I spell that right?)

The following Shows are on the bubbly and could go either way when it pops.

  1. Sleepy Hollow – So, the people who writes this show done up and lost their minds when they killed Abby. You see, most of us watched the show because of the dynamic between Crane and his Lieutenant. With his Lieutenant gone there’s no reason for most of us to watch. Others watched because it’s an African American lead female that isn’t the crap SCANDAL and HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER is trying to shove down people’s throats every week. It was our one chance to see ourselves doing good things and not shady things. Now, the storyline goes that Abby will be reborn into someone else. I believe this someone else is going to be brown haired, blue eyed and there ain’t a dang thing we can do about it. There goes my optimism for diversity in television.
  2. Bones – On it’s final season (and they’re sure this time). I stopped watching this for a while after they killed Sweets. I got tired of them whacking the Squints and Sweets.
  3. Heartbeat – This is another one of those tired-as-all-heck medical shows like Code Black or Night Shift – but its a tad less dramatic.  The couple of episodes I’ve seen doesn’t instill in me much hope for its survival- but they are trying.

And that’s how the axe has fallen so far this year. There are a few shows that aren’t on any lists yet which worries me but I guess we will soon find out.  Anything can happen at this point.



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