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Why did Harambe have to die?

Let me start by saying I am not an animal rights activist of any sort but when something inhumane happens to an animal I speak out. In college, a friend of mine and I were waiting at the bus stop. A white car pulled up, the door opened and someone chucked a cat out and then sped off.

Immediately, my friend and I rushed over and managed to coax the cat to us and she picked him up. We began checking for a collar and that was when I noticed the cat had no claws. That infuriated me. That made me so mad you would not believe. First of all without claws, this cat will starve to death or some predator will get him. Without claws he can’t catch his food or defend himself. Why would you declaw a cat then toss it out?  We took th cat home, fed it and then took it to the local animal shelter.

Lately, the news have been plastered with stories about Harambe the gorilla who was shot and killed because a 4 year old child wandered into his enclosure at the Cincinnati zoo. People have been expressing their emotions from righteous indignation to seeing it as funny how others are angry over the death of a gorilla. One person even went as far as to say that it was “just a gorilla” and people should “get over it.”

That makes me livid. Just a gorilla? No, this isn’t just a gorilla. First of all his name was HARAMBE.

And people don’t just get over grief. Trust me, I know this from experience. I was brought up in a culture where nothing bad should ever do any damage. To them the mentality is like, you watch something sad on tv and you’re crying–it’s just a show, stop being an idiot. You lose a book that has sentimental values to you and you can’t seem to find it because apparently it was a special edition and release? Suck it up. Your friend’s mother dies? You didn’t even know her, get over it. Your best friend in high school — a girl you’ve spent anywhere from 6 to 8 hours a day with for five years-commits suicide? Get over it. So take it from me, you don’t just get over bad things happening. If it’s not addressed it fester and fester and then one day you will turn into t his hateful person you don’t like or recognize.

For the most part, we’ve become this society of hateful, repressed zombies and no one seems to care.

Second of all this is a very vocal narrative on what kind of society we live in. Every thing happens, we pull a gun. Someone steps on our foot in a crowded club, we pull a gun. Someone look at us cross-eyed, we pull a gun. Someone is walking down the street with a hoodie on, we pull a gun. Someone says something to our girlfriends/boyfriends we pull a gun. We want something someone else has that doesn’t belong to us, we pull a gun. We are now in such a horrific gun cultured world, that there isn’t anything we won’t wave a gun around for.  I mean, right now in America, its better to walk around with a shotgun over your shoulder with children wandering around than it is to be gay! It’s perfectly normal for some gun-toting idiot to waltz into Wal-Mart with his rifle over his shoulders, than it is to see two men holding hands going about their business.

The killing of Harambe should have been a LAST resort.

There were so many more ways to have gotten that child of that enclosure without killing the animal.

These animals are not supposed to be in captivity. One person said the gorilla was angry–damn right he was angry. First you took him out of the wild, put him in a pen so that strangers can come and ogle him all the time, take pictures of him all the time then when he thinks he’s found some semblance of peace because at least these visitors are on the outside of his space, someone breach his domain. Then, idiots are standing around yelling and panicking like a bunch of Neanderthals further spooking the animal.

What did you expect? I mean you can take the animal out of the wild but you can’t take the wild out of the animal, right? And invade my space and I’d be pissed off and growling at you too.

While some of the things people are saying on line is not appropriate or acceptable – [ one guy said the mother should have been shot, another guy asked why the gorilla had to die and not her “stupid kid”- these are uncalled for and quite unnecessary. But let’s lay the blame where it is due. As a mother to a four year old, she should have known that her child would do something stupid. Especially since witnesses say they heard the child expressing that he wanted to go into the enclosure. As a mother, if your four year old child says something like that you hold on to him or her a little tighter. There is no excuse for this child wandering off like that.

When I was young someone once told me, “if your child is quiet, even for a second, go check on him or her because something is wrong.” I was barely eight when an old lady gave me this advice but it’s stuck with me.

I don’t have a child, but I practically helped raised my baby sisters, I’ve had jobs babysitting other people’s toddlers, when my niece was that age she was always at my place and most often my parents would go to work and leave me with her or I’d get bored and take her out with me to wander the streets. I have tons of experience with toddlers and I have to tell you, you NEVER take your eyes off them, EVER.  If I was a child myself for most of this and I know that, how could this mother not have known?

Here’s what I think.

I think this child needs to get some therapy. After all, he was witness to something traumatic and it’s going to follow him for the rest of his life. At some point people are going to find out who he is and there will be taunts and jeers and bad things will be said. This child needs to be armored for the upcoming storm.

I think there needs to be an investigation in what happened and how this can be prevented in the future. Because obviously the people at the zoo weren’t trained for this and I don’t see why – It was bound to happen sooner or later. This is one of those eventualities I’m sure insurance companies warn them about.

Now this investigation probably won’t lead to anything and the report probably won’t see the light of day but something needs to be done.

Then, the mother of this child needs to be sued for negligence causing death or the person who trained Harambe needs to sue for anguish or something. Sure, it’s a long shot and they probably won’t win but someone needs to be held accountable for this senseless death.

If these zoos can’t get their crap together, shut them all down. Like I said these animals shouldn’t be there in the first place. They weren’t born to be in captivity. Animals are going extinct and we’re trapping others in corals and human made microcosms they don’t belong in. Then when they show their true nature we put them down like they’re pieces of garbage. So, since human beings obviously cannot be trust to do what they’re supposed to do, these animals shouldn’t suffer because we’re morons.

So yes, to many, Harambe was just a gorilla. Why is it not okay for an American dentist to travel to a foreign land and massacre endangered animals and Cecil the Lion but its quite okay for officials to shot and kill a gorilla on American soil? It’s okay for Donald Trump’s son to go abroad and kill animals, but THIS we need to get over?

And while I didn’t know Harambe or been to the zoo, it still sucks Don’t you dare tell us to get over it. The outrage you’re seeing now, is proof that not all of us have blocks of ice as hearts. Not all of us believe that animals are there only for our enjoyment. Not all of us believe animals like Harambe should be in captivity. Some of us still believe that life is scared, especially an innocent life. Some of us have a little faith left that humans will one day do the right thing.

RIP Harambe.





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