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Thomas Gibson fired from Criminal Minds – World’s smallest Violin

I guess I don’t pay much attention to my favorite shows during their off seasons—because I only watch a selected few episodes on repeat. Like Day of Honour Star Trek Voyager—that episode I could watch over and over and over and—well you get the picture. So yesterday when I was clicking through some stuff and found an article about Thomas Gibson getting suspended over an altercation, I was stunned. Then as I read further, I realized he’d gotten into an altercation with someone he worked with. Now, I am still not clear if it was with another producer on the show or a writer because each article had the person position as something else but it doesn’t matter.

Then, next thing I know, I log into facebook and along the side of the front page it reported that he was fired for the altercation and that they would be figuring out a way to write him out of the show. Now as a fellow writer who can hold a grudge—I’m thinking serial killer bait. But, knowing he has a son who lost his mother to a psycho not too long ago—I’d say spare the lil guy and just have Hotch retire to spend time with his new love and his baby.

Now, let’s get into the meat and bones—the reason for this post. I’m a part of a Shemar Moore drool-fest facebook group and everyone is saying that the show is doomed because Hotch is gone. They’re saying CBS sucks for firing Thomas Gibson and that they will not watch the show anymore because of it. Now, while I agree that Hotch’s departure from the show could spell the end, especially since Morgan just left, and while I also agree that in some cases CBS does suck, this is not one of them. And these grown-ass folks should be looking at what this truly means.

They are completely missing the point of the firing and why it had to be done.

Let me break it down this way.

  1. Thomas Gibson is a grown man—an adult who should learn to deal with his anger in an adult manner. Hauling off a kicking someone because you disagree with them or because they disagree with you is not the way to handle things. Violence solves nothing. He did a bad thing and now he must face the consequences to his actions. And seriously? Kicking? What are we, six years old?
  2. No one, I don’t care who you are, wants to work in a hostile environment where their opinions are worth precisely jack and where voicing one’s opinion turns into a very bad UFC match. I’ve been through that and trust me, it leads to some very bad outbursts and heartache that isn’t really necessary if everyone just learn to get along, do their jobs and go home.
  3. What Thomas did was illegal—its assault and could spell jail time or a possible lawsuit to CBS—which they don’t want. No one wants to get sued. I mean hell, he is lucky the writer didn’t call the cops and have him arrested for assault right then and there.
  4. This is not the first time Thomas has gotten into an altercation on set, if I’m to believe the news reports. Only thing is, the last time there was nothing physical like someone getting kicked. He was forced to undergo anger management so obviously he has some issues controlling his temper. They knew he was a loose cannon and they gave him help and a second chance.

Listen, if Hotch leaving kills the show, I’d be sad to see it go because I would miss Garcia and Reed as much as I’m missing Morgan. And I can’t in any good conscious say at least we have Criminal Minds Beyond Borders because let’s be honest—they made a great cast turn into a dud.

But people need to understand that just because you’ve worked somewhere for twelve years does not excuse bad behavior. Acting like a petulant child when you don’t get your way does not endear you to anyone and when you throw a violent tantrum there are consequences. Sure, most of you may not like it, but this, I think, is a business decision on the part of CBS as well as a principle decision. A lawsuit right now is not good for anyone.

It really grinds my gear when people say things like “Hotch is such a great character and I’m not watching anymore because he’s gone.” Grow the hell up. If you think acting like a dick is okay then you’re one of the issues with our world right now.

If the show goes *Shrugs* oh well—it’s had a great run. I mean, 12 seasons is nothing to sneeze at. How many shows, in today’s world last that long?

Thomas Gibson did a bad thing—and now he must pay for it. It’s a simple and as complicated as that.




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