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Evening out – All You can eat Sushi!

Red Dragon Roll

Recently, my niece finished a contract for her first summer job. We decided the best way to celebrate would be to hit up Springs at Yonge and Dundas for some sushi. We’ve been there before together and I’ve been there previously with friends so nothing about the place should surprise me.


Anyway, I made a reservation during the day because the joint is always packed. So on to Open Table I go. For those of you who aren’t aware, Open Table is this site that allows you to book reservations for different restaurants, review them when you’ve been etc. I’ve used it a couple of times before with no issues.

Anyway, I booked a reservation and then my niece told me she might be late so I changed the reservation for a little later.

My niece was only a few minutes late so we got there well ahead of our 5:45pm reservation. At the door, hostess #1 greeted us. I explained that we were early for our reservation. She didn’t have to check my name, she looked at me, smiled, said my name to confirm and I grinned because she said “I don’t know if I spelled it right.” She spelled it for me and I confirmed and we had a good chuckle over it.

Upstairs, my niece and I were greeted by a less happy hostess #2 who walked us to a table and without asking if we wanted all you can eat or the regular, set our tablet to all you can eat and left.

Black Dragon Roll – W/eel


Thankfully our server was in a better mood and after he took our drink orders, my niece and I settled into picking stuff for us to eat. The food was good, except one of our rolls had beef and it was a tad pink. We’re not used to that so we had to send them back. It wasn’t their fault, we never told the server we wanted the beef with no pink. We ordered and ate and then two plates showed up with something we didn’t recognized. When we asked they said it was the Black Dragon Rolls. We sent that back as well because we found out the fish on top was eel and well, we didn’t know. After the server explained that he after that plate he wasn’t allowed to take any back without charging us for wasting food, he took those away too.

Let me stop here to say this.

I do understand the issue of wasting food because in my house we often times talk about it and try our best not to. But in a restaurant, I paid for said food so it’s mine. If I don’t like it for whatever reason what I do with said food should be none of your business–providing I don’t start whipping it around the joint or something.

Anyway, we finished dinner, paid and left. My niece who’d taken a rather large bite of eel was suddenly not feeling so well so she began looking for the bathroom. The security said we had to go all the way back up to the third floor but the eel was not staying down. We didn’t make it back to the third floor – thank heavens a garbage can was close by.

After she threw up, I gave her a piece of mint gum then bought her a bottle of water and she was fine.

The next morning I woke up to an email from Open Table saying the restaurant said I didn’t show up for my reservation and they wanted to know why.  After I blinked at the screen I quickly followed the link to tell them I did go. I even left a note that said “I have pics and a slightly annoyed waiter to prove it.”

I take pics of all my beautiful omnoms.

So, the restaurant didn’t follow through and did what they were supposed to do and I’m the jerk? *sigh*



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