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New Brunswick – Why?

For years, while working at the other place, the only vacation I had was during the summer months when I went to Ottawa for the RTC convention (and that was only once) and in December when I hit the good-ole-US-Of-A to visit my sister. I didn’t have vacation time so all the time I took off was unpaid so I really had to dig in and just go. This burned me out something horrible. Anyway, recently my sister (one of them) calls me up telling me she was in New Brunswick and instantly I decided to go visit. My mom decided to tag along and I figured we could have a mother daughter thing, it’d be great.

So, I shoved around some things and worked it out that I could go and began plotting. Soon, flight was booked and later hotel and we were ready to go. We would be landing in

Sign at the Moncton Airport – Photo by Kato About Town

Moncton and staying there then we could figure out things to do until my sister could get from where she was to spend some time with us.


Now, I’m going to preface this by saying that I did suggest to my mother we rent a car for the duration of the time we were there. She said no, that we’d be fine so I went with that.


That, in hindsight was a BAD idea for the following reasons:


  1. Moncton, not the most convenient city. Nothing is close to anything.
  2. Downtown, isn’t really downtown but a small stretch of street with a few patios.
  3. The nearest tourist attraction that’s worth seeing is Hopewell Rocks and it’s a 80 dollar cab ride one way and 80 dollars back.
  4. Shediac beach – we didn’t really go to that because they told us it was twenty minutes from where we were so that’d be another 40 dollars one way and 40 dollars coming back.
  5. The one bus driver we encountered was a giant douche—she was so rude and I’m not sure why.
  6. Air cab, is expensive and the dispatcher for the White Cab is an ass – so chose your poison.

There’s more but this list is already too long.

The people there for the most part are nice. But no one really seem to have a clue as to when the large wave comes into fill the river so we kept missing it. There was no movie theatres (that I saw), no night clubs, no theatres (for plays that I could see).

Hopewell Rocks

The Lovers

This place rocks! (pun intended). You get to walk along the ocean’s floor after the tide goes out. You see, twice a day, the ocean goes crazy and sends a massive wave through the bay of Fundy filling the area around Hopewell Rocks all the way up to about 40 feet. It’s amazing to look at. We missed that the whole time we were there because we were told it would come in at 10am. When we got there it came in at 7:50 something. Other than that, it was great. I took tons of picture and had a good walk and fresh air—the thing though is the climb bac up. If you have bad knees you might want to skip going down to the ocean floor. They have a place to wash off your sneakers because after the tide comes in the place gets muddy in some places. Also food is searched – sold and there’s a gift shot. If you don’t like salty, stay away from the hotdog.  Everything here is a bit pricey – yes, it is a tourist site but why is a shot glass $6 dollars plus tax? I bought one, of course because I’ll never go back to Moncton but wow.


All in all, if you’re a retired couple who are looking for a place to lay low and enjoy the quiet, then fine, Moncton is the place to be. But if you’re like me, in your thirties and looking for some excitement away that won’t cost you an arm, leg and a kidney, stay away. You’ll be bored to tears with an empty wallet.



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