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NCIS- My Annoyance Runneth Over

Image result for JAGLets be honest, JAG went off air before I even moved to this country so for me, it was playing catch up. The moment I first saw Harm in his uniform I couldn’t stop drooling. Then I fell in love with Mac and prayed that they would wind up together. I watched every episode during reruns–all two hundred and twenty something of them. Yes, I am that big of a nerd. And while the cast wasn’t all that diverse, I supported this show because David James Elliot was Canadian and I began supporting Canadian talent ever since my first drama class in this country. The storylines were amazing, the characters had solid backgrounds, the acting was well not all the time stellar but I enjoyed ever moment of the show.

Then I found out the show was over and I began hunting for another to fill the void JAG left behind. This was before youtube where you can now go on and watch Mac and Harm kiss over and over and flail each time you rewatch it. So, once the show was gone, if you didn’t buy it on VHS or DVD, it was gone.  I went from NYPD Blue, to a bunch of other shows but nothing work. When I first heard about NCIS being a spin-off, I figured, YES! FINALLY!The series' opening logo

And I began watching. I mean, it’s a spinoff of JAG how awesome is that?  I watched from Ice Queen and Meltdown – Tie in episodes on JAG all the way to season 14 and I have to say, I beginning to get annoyed.

NCIS I am sad to say have fallen into heavy stereotyping. And while I won’t go as far as to say they are being racists, it still makes me second guess watching every week.

This is where I say if you are not up to speed, stop reading now – There most likely will be spoilers ahead.

When the show started, the main cast looked like this:

Image result for ncis season 1

This picture is from season 1. Then the cast grew. Let’s focus on the cultures, shall we?

Let’s begin with how 99% of the middle eastern characters have to be terrorists or have something to do with terrorism or is related to a terrorist or must have connections with terrorism. Think I’m lying? Watch the seasons after 9/11. I wish I was but I’m not making this up.

There was Cote De Pablo (That is her name for short. Her real name is hella long). She is a Chilean born actress. She played the daughter to a mossad agent (From what I gathered the mossad is the Israeli equivalent to the CIA).  Now, seriously the moment I saw her name I knew she was not Israeli or from anywhere near the middle east in real life. Would it have killed them to hire an actress from that part of the world? Cote is Chilean and while I have nothing against her and she did the best she could with what the writers gave her, it didn’t feel right. Sure, it could have been me pouting over the way they got rid of Kate – a bullet between the eyes–seriously? Real original there.

But after a while, she grew on me, Ziva (Cote’s character). Then with her interactions with Tony, I jumped on board that relationship train so fast, I still have whiplash.

Then what do they do? That’s right, blow her up! Then NCIS became an episode of Maury “Who is the baby daddy?”

*heads desk*

Okay, fine–next we heard Michael Weatherly was leaving the show and while most people got their panties in a twist, I saw it coming. I mean, he’s been on the show since the first episodes. If I’m not mistaken he got in there right out of playing Logan on Dark Angel. Anyway we said goodbye to him as he goes off to raise his baby girl since Ziva is dead and daughter needs a stable home. I hated that ending but at least its not a bullet between the eyes or getting blow up, right?

After weeks of speculation they announced the new characters. Let me start by saying, Emily Wichersham has been on the show since Cote’s departure and her character has had a few insightful moments but everyone thought with Tony gone, they’d give Bishop more screen time. But now, the powers that be of the NCIS world decided to add not one, not two but THREE new faces onto the show.

Image result for duane henryLet me be clear, I LOVE Wilmer Valderrama and I adore Jennifer Espisito ever since she played Danny’s partner in Blue Bloods but this is obviously a case of biting off more than they could chew. So the three new faces for the show, Wilmer, Jennifer and a new to me actor, Duane Henry who is playing MI-6 agent Clayton Reeves. When he was introduced, I was glued to the screen. He was charismatic, funny, handsome, bad-ass I started thinking YES! Finally a brotha who is an actual agent not some office jockey up in this piece!

At first I thought he was only a guest, but then it was announced that he was a regular. Oh happy day! Here’s the issue – There is no room for him. He was in the last two episodes of season 13 and a handful of episodes of season 14. I am not sure how he’s a regular and you don’t see him. He was in the last episode just randomly tossed in pushing paper for Gibbs while everyone else goes out and do whatever. Sure, there were a couple of episodes where the story was about him, then it was like radio silence until he cropped up for a few stupid one liners almost two episodes later.

They bit off more than they could chew. What they should have done, was work with Emily’s character and if they were going to introduce another to fill the Tony chair, then fine, bring in Torres (Wilmer’s character) or Quinn (Espisito’s character) or Clayton (Duane’s character) and build on something. But instead they toss all three in like Tony DiNozzo is so hard to replace that they need three damn people to fill his shoes. Let’s be completely honest – DiNozzo was an ass. Straight up! He was a dick to McGee, half the time he had no idea if he was coming or going, his father was, let’s call a spade a spade, A HUGE security risk. I mean yes, Tony was funny sometimes and he added a little  bit of something to the team but three new characters?

The writers aren’t good enough to juggle three new faces and so far, Duane Henry’s character is the one they’re dropping by the wayside.

I am heavily disappointed in this show now. Everyone else has their moments. Bishop, as usual is pushed to the background and when they do have her running a story, its an off kilter, let’s throw in the stereotypical Muslim terrorist in Gitmo who a white person has to save with the help of a Muslim ex-badguys who incidentally, she’s banging….*exhale*

I don’t know. I guess I am just seriously irritated with the lack of diversity and absolute incompetence of the writers who work on this show. I guess throwing three new characters in meant one had to suffer and Clayton – you drew the short straw.

I think it’s time I find a new show to watch. I hold out no hope for NCIS L.A or NCIS New Orleans – especially since NCIS NO has just turned into an episode of Maura – yup, you guessed it “Is he the baby daddy?” *eye roll*




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