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Unwrapping Noel – Jennifer Theriot

Hey everyone, this is a review for Unwrapping Noel by Jennifer Theriot. Yes, yes, I know tis not the season but come on! The title is Unwrapping Noel! How could I have resisted even if Christmas is gone? So, now what? You want something to brighten up the new years because you’ve already screwed your resolutions and even though most thing there is still time to get back on the wagon, you’re feeling like you need something to make you smile.

I was given an audio version of this book to check out because lately, I don’t seem to have time for much reading. But I always love to check out the audio of certain things just to hear the narrator’s interpretation of the actual book. Anyway, Noel Calabrese hates the holidays as much as she hates her life. While in the Silicon Valley on a business trip, she meets Leon Hallas.

Could this sexy, silver fox be her ticket to happiness? Can she learn to trust again?
Unwrap this steamy little romance about Second Chances and Self-Worth, complete with a palindrome…

Let’s start off with the narrator, Sarah Gordon. Oh child, this lady has some talent. Sometimes you listen to an audio book and you think why in the hell did they chose that narrator! He/she sounds mad uncomfortable with the content! Not Sarah. This lady threw down like a pro and made Jennifer Theriot’s crazy funny personality shine right through my speakers. She gave each of Jennifer’s characters life making them distinct and recognizable. Trust me, definitely check out her other stuff.

Now to the actual book. I’m going to try doing this without giving anything away because you have to check out this book, no matter the version you chose.

So Noel is a plus size dynamo in the PR world and you’d think she have her crap together. But far from it. And it’s not even because of anything she’s done wrong. The world is just a jerk to her and she’s dealing, broken Jimmy Choo and all, the best way she knows how. But from the beginning, things just seem to be unraveling, hilariously, might I add. From a major wipe out on a wet driveway to a deadbeat husband who can’t seem to take a hint, this story will have you rolling.

Noel, was so real to me. She went through a lot of things that made me think, holy crap that’s good. I’m a fan of romance–even if the sex is explicit, I love a story that has some romance leading up to the hotness of some booty. Listening to this book, I felt the same way I did the first time I cracked open my first Catherine Coulter back in the day – relaxed, taken away to a place outside of my own world and was  not disappointed.

Leon – Oh lawd. The description of this man had me stopping my audio and rewinding. There is something about a yummy silver fox who has his crap together that does it for me. Leon was stunning, flirtatious, sure of himself and so sexy. He is the perfect definition of a romance novel star.

I made the mistake of listening to this book in public – on the streetcar to work and while I was filing at work – don’t do that. You will be blushing, giggling, smirking, laughing out loud. Oh and watch out for the penis drawing mishap – I laughed until I snorted.

Jennifer Theriot is a new-to-me author. I probably wouldn’t have known about her had it not been for a friend Allison M Cosgrove. But lord am I glad I found her!

Bottom line? Unwrapping Noel is a hilarious little romp that will brighten your day in more ways than one!

Check out Jennifer Theriot by clicking here.





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