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That moment you want to send an author death threats – A Review

Accepting the Moon: Prequel (Moonrising Book 0) by [Haigwood, K. S.]I decided to do one review for all three, because I feel this was the best way to put my scattered excitement together for all of them without seeming a little out of my mind.

Let me start out by saying this. I really dislike series books, especially when they are so intricately intertwined with each other. Why? Well, now I have to sit and wait until the authors get around to finishing the other book before I can figure out what happens next. But still, I binged listened to the audio of all three books (so far) in the Moonrising Series and between wanting to burn things and send the author death threats, I enjoyed the series. As I write this, I may or may not have slept last night – hey, don’t judge me!

Before I go further I have to say this – as a fellow writer I have to admit that I get attached to characters. Mine, especially, but when another author put life and care into the ones they create, these people, these beings gets entrenched in me as if they were created by me. I know that might sound corny but it is the truth.

Lets start at first with the narrators. For Accepting the Moon and Midnight Moonrising the narrator was Pyper Down. I saw her name and instantly rolled my eyes so hard, I am pretty sure I saw the back of my head. But, she was amazing! Her changes in voices weren’t as dramatic as a few others I’ve listened to, but boy, the emotions, the attitudes – It all fit perfectly with what I imagined in my own head.

For Andromeda’s Reign the narrator changed to B.D. McMonnies. First, ladies, keep a change of panties handy and a cigarette. Don’t care if you don’t smoke, you’re gonna need both. All my favorite characters (damn its so hard to write all this without spoilers. I don’t wanna give anything away here) a life that was just perfect. Everything from Ace’s attitude to his Beta’s – all of it was in stunning, voiced, audio. This cat is good!

I have some qualms about this series but that has nothing to do with the author or the work. I’m just a giant nerd who loves certain things and really need to get the hell out of my box. Now, let’s begin with Mena. Cheating husband with a secret is an  Midnight Moonrising by [Haigwood, K. S., Conley, Anne]understatement! Cheating husband – asshole, check! Secret – Well, trust me when I say said secret isn’t that he has a love child he’s been paying child support for, for the last twelve years. When you find out, YOU ARE GONNA BE FLOORED!

*ahem* back to Mena – Lord have mercy! I spent half the second book wanting to smack the crap out of her. She was infuriating and I’m really easy when it comes to characters, sometimes I even fall in love with the bad guys but this chick tested me. I ended the first three partially liking her but that’s neither here nor there. Other readers will LOVE her but I’m a little hinky with my character love.

I reserve the strongest feelings for the secondaries in the series, characters who made me laugh, made me cry, made me scream, made me fist pump–yes, I did fist pump (quite a few times actually). There is one secondary character in particular that I really hope the authors give his own book. He’s feisty and funny and loyal and *sigh* yes, I am biased but you will too once you read these books.Andromeda's Reign (Moonrising Book 2) by [Haigwood, K. S., Conley, Anne]

Ace, my feelings for him started out making me want to smack the crap out of him. Then as the story blossoms, he begins to grow. By the end of Andromeda’s Reign the things I wanted to do to that shifter would make even him blush.

What? I’m allowed to have book boyfriends!

Phoenix is still a bit of an ass but I understand why he is the way he is and what makes him tick–a few of those tickers aren’t healthy for man nor vamp–but I get it. Though by the end of the third book I wanted to stake him myself, I am reserving judgment until K.S and Anne gets around to releasing all the books. Then, I will render a decision on him.

The constant shifts often times made me want to scream but I supposed that is the mark of a good writer–ones who can keep you guess, make you comfortable then rips the rug out from under your feet! I love that!

The twists I never saw coming, which I secretly enjoyed.  The bottom line is the Moonrising books are spectacularly woven. Everything–from the lore and the language, the almost poetic feel of it,  to the striking and almost impossible flawless depths of each character will leave you satisfied and hungry for the next book.

K.S Haigwood and Anne Conley created a world you can be immersed in, one packed full of love, betrayal, confusion–all the things that take your emotions on a rollercoaster you never want to get off. I, impatiently, awaits the next book in the set. I hate rollercoasters (what’s with being afraid of heights and all) but this is one I really would like to stay on.

Please get your audio here, kindle and paperback here. You can stalk er I mean visit K.S Haigwood here as well as Anne Conley here.




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  1. Kristie does one heck of a job as an author. This series is excellent and so are her others. Try them ALL out. You will fall in love with her characters and her story lines. I agree with EVERY word you said.

  2. I could have written this review FOR REAL!!! I think we may have a lot in common actually. Kristie Haigwood is one of those authors that is so GOOD you cannot believe she messages you back when you send her a Facebook message because you a. Miss her characters b. Want to kick her ass for something in her books c. Apologizing for threatening to kick her ass d.
    Are desperately in need of some little tidbit of information on the next book

    Kristie is as good of a writer as she is a person! I love her so much! I will read anything she writes!!!!

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