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Allergies and asshole food servers

Sorry for the horrible language in the title, but I am going to be as REAL as humanly possible with this post.

A few days ago I was reading this post where someone who used to work for a popular fast food chain said when skinny girls come in and order a salad with diet coke, they give them regular coke instead. This person thought this was funny and people everywhere was laughing at it and sharing it – that was how it came across my feed.

There are so many things wrong with this. Forget the fact that the person is PAYING for their salad and diet coke. That’s the least of the issues with this. Let me break it down from my personal issues.

I am allergic to caffeine.

Yes, I am aware that my birth nation produces some of the best coffee in the world and I am QUITE aware of the irony in all of this.

If I consume a large dose of the thing I can go blind. Trust me, it happened when I was a teenager after my first gulp of coffee to stay awake studying for exams. So I know what I’m talking about.Image result for allergies

Over the years I’ve had to cut out soda, some chocolates (imagine, chocolate? Oh gawd what did I do in a previous life to deserve that, right?), certain juices, certain cakes, certain foods, Tim Hortons Ice Cap, and almost EVERYTHING at Starbucks and second cup. No, I cannot drink decaf, that has a certain amount of caffiene in it that would just render me useless after consumption.

Over the years I’ve become a basset hound when sniffing out coffee and cocoa in products that I consume.

Sometimes, I say screw it and indulge in a square of dark chocolate and then I have a massive headache for the rest of the day and is practically useless. A year ago, after chatting with my doctor and explaining how I’m going batty drinking nothing but selected iced teas and water, he introduced me to Coke Zero. Now Coke Zero taste like death because there’s barely anything in it but it’s caffeine free and so far hasn’t caused in diverse side effects to me. But I try to limit my consumption of the stuff.

After a few gulps, I’m now able to tell it apart from diet coke and regular coke.

Now happens to a child, if said child has my same allergy and his mother walks into let’s say for argument’s sake McDonald and orders a salad for herself and since her child says she wasn’t hungry but thirsty, the mom orders a coke zero. The server looks at the mother, thinks this order his bullshit and decide to serve the mom regular coke instead. Remember, the mom isn’t the one drinking this, the child who is allergic to caffeine is. What happens when this child, consume said drink and begins going through an allergic reaction?

My point is – serving someone something they did NOT order is an asshole thing to do. I don’t care what you think of their order. They are paying for it. Your business sells what they are asking for, provide them with the product they are asking for. If you don’t have it, say to the person “well, we’re out at the moment, would you like a substitution?”

On the same topic, this comedian once was saying if your kid is allergic to peanut the child should stay home – okay inconsiderate asshat. An allergic reaction isn’t something to joke about and the fact that you’re picking on a child makes you a jerk. But, if enough people in the world wasn’t allergic to peanuts there wouldn’t be warnings everywhere. Of course, since I moved to Canada I’ve been learning more and more about the world and I’ve adjust the way I live.

What do I mean by that – in my office I asked around to ensure no one is allergic to anything I would usually bring to eat here. Peanuts being one of those things. I try not consuming peanut in public spaces and if I do eat a peanut product in public spaces, I ensure I wash my hands and mouth thoroughly before touching or speaking to anyone.

Yes, I know, this kind of infringes on me a little bit but I’d rather be inconvenience that knowing I caused someone to die.

Anyway, back to coffee.

For me, the reaction headache (am talking someone is inside my head trying to scoop out my brain bad), vision problems and in the worse case, temporary blindness (in my experience).  Your dumb joke, isn’t work someone’s health or their lives. And you may think I’m being dramatic but an allergic reaction can be anything from hives, watery eyes to death.

Yes death.

The truth is, all we have to really do is show a little bit of caring to others. There are going to be people around you who are allergic to things. God knows every year I go through the itchy eye, scratchy throat, blocked sinus routine where I pop Claritin like candy.

Bottom like is this – be considerate to others. Try not to be a complete douche when someone tells you they are allergic to something. It’s not like they asked to be intolerant to it. They had no control over that bit of their DNA – so stop being asses and do the right thing.




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