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Passing on Some Advice

Hey everyone!

Most of you who follow this blog are people who know me personally. But a few of you don’t. So let me recap.

When I was twelve years old, I was adopted and moved to Canada. To say coming to this country was a culture shock – well, that would be the understatement of a lifetime. In Jamaica, the only cultures I was used to were Jamaicans (Blacks), Chinese Jamaicans (Chinese) and a few Russians (when I said a few I meant like 2). On television, I’d watch programs like Rags to Riches starring Josephe Bologna and Tisha Campbell – Side note, for all you young’uns who think GLEE was the first television musical for kids of the age, think again. Don’t believe me? Click here.  It was a thing, trust me – There should be eps on youtube

Gawd I just aged myself.

Anyway, watching these programs and from meeting a few people who came to visit our high school, I knew there were other people in the world. But when I moved to Canada – oh boy–Tamils, Indians, Africans, Somalians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and the list went on and on. As I began learning about all these different people, my desire to move about this giant globe began growing.

I’ve always wanted to travel to different places – provinces, countries. But I’ve always been scared. Dating is another thing that I’ve just completely put off because after a couple bad experiences – I mean BAD experiences, I’ve decided I was done.

In February (2017), a friend of me extended her invite to British Columbia for what felt like the billionth time. I met her in University and she’s one cool chick. After she moved to BC, I never thought we’d even talk again. But then there is Facebook…

She’s been inviting me to since before she even left Ontario and each time I always had one excuse or another.

  1. I don’t know if I wanna to go BC.
  2. It’s so expensive! I can go to BC for the same price as an all inclusive to Cuba!
  3. I’m terrified.
  4. I don’t know, maaaaaaan!

And the list of excuses went on and on.

Anyway, in February I decided really contemplating going. I mean, this year I’m turning 34 and I have no traveling on my list of things that I’ve done – I mean sure I’ve been to Cuba and different places in the United States but BC is a destination. Between the beginning of February and the middle of the month, I’d changed my mind a million times – I going. I’m not going. I’m going. I’m not going–I’d looked up the price for the trip about the same amount of times and each time the flight is a good price.

Then, I went to visit my parents and mother told me “you should go. What’s keeping you from going?”

Then she called my grand uncle, who was on the brink of turning 90 years old (The greatest grand uncle a girl could EVER have by the way). He asked to speak with me. Here’s the gist of the conversation:

Me:  Hey Uncle. How are you?

Uncle: I’m still here.

Me: Did you go to church today?

Uncle: No. I’ve been in a little bit of pain. To tell you the truth, Baby. I didn’t even know it was Sunday today. Listen, I’ve lived my life to this point and I have no regrets. Live your life. Travel, meet people, don’t spend it alone….

This was the point I started sobbing.

Once our conversation was over, I handed the phone back to my mother who was looking at me with a quizzical expression. She went back to speak to my uncle and I was still crying like an idiot. Her look turned to concern and she finished her talk with him and asked me what was wrong. I told her and she forced me to book my flight right then and there. I was going to wait until I got back to my apartment to do it but she didn’t want me to wait.

The point of this post  is this.

I’d like to share the advice my uncle gave me.

  1. Live your life.
  2. Travel (maybe not the world but at least your city, province or state)
  3. Meet people
  4. Don’t spend your life alone.

That last one is kind of hard for me since a good eighty percent of the time I don’t like people. After working where I was for 6 years, I’d seen some of the worse side of people and I drew into a hole. I became anti-social and just didn’t want to deal with any of it. I’m trying my best to be better.

I hope this little post uplift someone and opens someone’s eyes. I hope it touches your heart and help you do at least two of the things on this list. I wish you happiness and freedom and love.




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They call me Kat, or Kitty Kat. I am a 34 year old Legal Admin Assistant by day, sensual, interracial romance author by night writing under Kadian Tracey and Kendra Mei Chailyn. I'm the best selling author of Broken Wings, Made to Bend Not Break, Cowboy Lullaby, A Lover’s Wish, Kiss It Better, GSG 9: CIRO: Miracle and the Beast (in the Susan Stoker Kindle World), SURRENDER: Prey and The Shadowcat Series. My life is pretty much spent tapping away at keyboards either at my day job or my evening job (writing). What will this blog be about? Well, aside from my writing, someone told me recently that there is plenty of fun to be had in Toronto at 33 years old and single! So, I’ve decided to have a little fun! I am hoping this fun will parley into more stories, novels and an evolution in my writing as well as a deeper understanding of myself. This blog is to talk about my day, things I see, people I interact with, music, art, what's happening in the world and events I attend! Here’s hoping I can make you smile and grow in the process!

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