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Chester, lead singer to Linkin Park is dead.


He hung himself.

Okay, let’s get this out of the way for those of you who are easily offended. Yes, I get that when it comes to drugs and alcohol and celebrity–the struggle is real. Hell, it’s one of the realest struggles most of these people will ever have to face. Yes, I understand its more than just a little hard. Yes, I get that most of them don’t seek the help they should or even if they do, the ‘yes men/women’ around them does not help with finding sobriety. Yes, I get all of these things.

But…oh yes, there shall be a but…

After his death, a whole slew of articles and facebook and twitter status began cropping up about “RIP Chester” and “Gone too soon” and “He passed away…”

No. No, he didn’t “pass away.”

We’re in a society where every thing offends us. I think if we stop being so damned offended all the time we could actually save some lives. Stop saying he “passed away.” No, that’s what happened to my grandmother a few years ago after years of being sick. Passing away means you went to bed and during your sleep your heart stopped. Passing away means, you had cancer and your body just couldn’t fight anymore. Passing away, means you’re crossing the street and got hit by a car. Hell, passing away means, you went on vacation and ate some bad pufferfish.

What happened is that he killed himself. And we’re so afraid of offending each other that we’re going to sit on this. We’re going to sugar coat it and someone out there going through the same garbage he was is going to think it’s okay to do what he did because no one was up in arms about the act.

Listen, I’m going to offend y’all because I’m hoping in doing so, you’ll go out and get help, or go out and help someone you seen needing your help.

Trust me, when I say this – Suicide is never the answer. Sure, your pain is over but what about the people you leave behind? The people who love you–how are they suppose to deal without you? I can say this because I’ve been there, almost done that–and trust me, things had gotten really bad for me. But I had people in my life who weren’t afraid to offend me, who weren’t afraid to say “I’m getting you help, you can hate me later.” I had people who looked through my life and went “hmmm okay, here’s what we’re going to do.” These people saved my life.

So stop calling suicide “passing away.” Stop flooding your twitter and facebook and instagram with RIP messages to this man who killed himself leaving (apparently) six  children who will now have to deal with this. Stop, making light of this situation. This is getting out of hand. Too many of our young people are killing themselves and it doesn’t seem as though anyone think this is an epidemic. We need to find out what’s going on, find out what brings a person to the point when they think they have no other alternative.

This is, if I’m not mistaken, the THIRD celebrity this year. That is three too many. I’m certain there are plenty of normal people who did the same thing and that too is one too many.

Ben Afflect just stepped back from a role to focus on his sobriety and his family and while it sucks to not have him play a role, I agree with him one hundred percent. He realized he had a problem, and after rehab he figured taking a step back will help with his healing process. I’m not saying this is how everyone should deal with finding their sobriety, but it is the way he believes will work for himself and his family. Almost immediately, headlines start cropping up about how “this person slams Ben Afflect for backing out of movie” and blah blah blah. Listen, there will ALWAYS be another shitty-ass movie. And what you think doesn’t matter. His family, are they happy to have him around more? Is he happy with this decision and will it help him not be another one of those “was found dead this morning–authorities suspect suicide” headlines?

What you think is a non-issue.

And finally, stop putting celebrities on this pedestal expecting them to do no wrong.  That kind of pressure is bullshit and it’s not fair. Stop letting these people disappoint you because it’s not worth it.

I’ve done a post like this before this year. And it seems I have to keep doing it. Please click here for my other posts that has a few links and resources for you or anyone in your life you believe is contemplating suicide.


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