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The Crazies – A Review

Starring: Radha Mitchell (London Has Fallen, Pitch Black), Timothy Olyphant (Santa Clarita Diet, Hitman, Justified), Danielle Panabaker (Read it and Weep, The Flash). Blurb: About the inhabitants of a small Iowa town suddenly plagued by insanity and then death after a mysterious toxin contaminates their water supply (IMDB) I was entirely unprepared for how good this movie was. I know, when you click on a little known movie these days you have no clue what you will get. I mean, you often time take your chances. The Crazies hit me with such greatness, I had to smile when it was over. I have to admit the title didn’t give me much hope. But from the very moment the movie began, I was left sitting on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t wait for the next thing. Sure, the formula is typical but I was very happy with the way this played out. The acting was amazing. Timothy Olyphant was in his element as the sheriff. I’ve always liked him as an actor. Radha Mitchel, …

Music Monday – G Dragon aka GD

Birth Name: Kwon Ji-Yong Name: G Dragon aka GD – Also a member of BIG BANG Language: Korean Military Status: Active – Currently enlisted Note: G Dragon is so dope, he’s worked with Missy Elliot. Every year on his birthday, he donates millions to a charity. He believes in taking care of the world and doing good. He is currently a few weeks into his mandatory military training but this Oppa is mightier than he looks. His concerts are super sick! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him twice, once with his band Big Bang and once solo on his Kwon-Ji Yong tour. Favorite songs: Untitled 2014, One of a Kind.   Good luck on enlistment Oppa! See you soon! Hugs, Kato


Starring: Ben Foster (The Mechanic, Hell or High Water), Dennis Quaid (Field of Dreams, The Parent Trap), Antje Truae (Man of Steel, Seventh Son), Norma Reedus (The Walking Dead, The Boondocks Saints), Cam Gigandet (Never Back Down, Burlesque), Cung Le (Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Hawaii Five-O). Blurb: A pair of crew members aboard a spaceship wake up with no knowledge of their mission or their identities (IMDB). Review: I am super stunned by this movie. I didn’t think I would enjoy it but I adore Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster is pretty dope. I clicked on it because of those two and Cung Le. The movie is another one of those “we’ve screwed earth so now we have to find a new planet” deals. I’ve watched so many of those in the last little while. This one has an added twist of the memory gap and creepies that go BANG in the vents. It had me on the edge of my seat from the second it started. I really enjoyed the graphics and the fight scenes. …

Music Monday – Oh Hyuk

Name: Oh Hyuk  (he is also a member of the band Hyukoh) Language: Korean Association: Hyukoh, Epik High, HIGHGRND, Tablo Note: Hyuk may not be your typical Korean singer. He doesn’t look like the boys of BTS or VIXX but he has a voice that will make you melt. I call his music intellectual R n B. He is the kind of creative soul that I crave while writing. Tablo (Rapper from Epik High) thought so too because Hyuk is now signed to Tablo’s branch o JYP called HIGHGRND. Favorite songs: Parachute (yes I am aware this song is a Code Kunst tune but Kyuk is the singer on the track). It features Dok2 (Who is also dope), Primary.   Hugs, Kato

Broken Record Presents – Racism in the Romance Writing World!

Disclaimer: This post will have some stuff that aren’t quite politically correct but maybe this is what needs to be said so people get it. Legend: For the purposes of this blog here are some definitions you should know. POC: Persons of colour – In my opinion this doesn’t mean only black folks. POC to mean means anyone who isn’t white. AOC: Author of Colour, again, this includes anyone that’s not white. Okay, here we go. It seems I’m writing more and more about the lack of diversity in the world and it’s bleeding into something I love and holds dear. When I was eight years old, in Jamaica, I picked up my first romance novel. Back then, I didn’t really care about the story. I was eight. I just needed to feed my craving for something to read. I mean, back then (and now) I would have read anything. I was very poor and where I lived didn’t have a library. Once every three weeks or so (Depending on if they could find a …

Battle Drone

Starring: Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, AWOL-72), Dan Southworth (Power Rangers Time Force, Kickin’ It), Jason Earles (Hannah Montana, Kickin’ It), Dominique Swain. Blurb: A team of mercenaries that is working with the CIA accepts an off-the-books mission in Chernobyl, where deadly human-controlled droids prepare an ambush (IMDB) Review: This movie is The Expendables meet Terminator. I am not a huge Terminator fan (Shocker there) and I am only a fan of the first two Expendables movie but I clicked on this because it has Dan Southworth in it. I grew up watching him in Power Rangers Time Force as Eric Meyers, the Quantum Ranger. It’s been years and every time I see his face I giggle, get giddy and flail. I’ve been dying to see him in something again and I was so happy to find this movie. Anyway, the team is made up of actors who I thought had been lost to the Hollywood grind. I mean, I can’t remember seeing Louis Mandylor in anything since My Big Fat Greek Wedding and yes I am aware …

Music Monday – Dan Talevski

Name: Dan Talevski Language – English (Canadian) Claim to fame: YouTube Favorite songs: Paper (featuring Alessia Cara), Birthday Suit, Guilty as Sin, My Religion (Bah! Picking 2 is impossible. His HIGH TIMES album alone gets me moving and feeling) Note: I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him live a while back and he’s really good live. He is also a pretty sweet guy. His music has pushed me through many and I do mean MANY writer’s block on most of my love scenes. Guilty as Sin is a song that is very sexy but not vulgar–it’s just perfect.

7 Guardians of the Tomb

Starring: Kelsey Grammer (Fraiser, Cheers), Li Bingbing (Transformers: Age of Extinction, World Without Thieves), Kellan Lutz (Twilight, The Legend of Hercules, Immortals), Wu Chen (Saving General Yang, Magic to Win) Blurb: The discovery of a mysterious labyrinth holding the mummified remains of an emperor leads to the unleashing of a horde of carnivorous spiders (IMDB). Review: Let me start this review by saying this: if you’re not a an of spiders, you might wanna skip this movie. With that said, here’s what I think. 7 Guardians of the Tomb isn’t an appropriate title for this movie. I don’t get the seven guardians bit. The movie was predictable at best because I could pretty much tell you what was going to happen, who would become spider food and who the bad guy would turn out to be. It wasn’t hard at all.  The acting was a bit stiff. I mean Kelsey Grammer isn’t the greatest actor of all time and Kellan Lutz won’t win any prizes in that department. The accents weren’t the issue. Li Bingbing and Wu Chen did …

Music Monday – Theo Tams

Name: Theo Tams Language: English (Canadian) Claim to fame: Winner of the 6th season of Canadian Idol My favorite songs: Stay, Lazy Lovers Notes: I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Theo and he is one of the sweetest most down to earth dudes. The first time I met him, it wasn’t a handshake, it was the warmest hug ever. (Yes, I’m a hugger). And every time I’ve gone to see him after that he’s always taken a moment to interact and that says a lot. He’s had quite a few songs out and he is currently working on a new album which is going to be spectacular. And PS: check out his cover for Robyn’s DANCING ON MY OWN – LOVE! Feature song: STAY (this song breaks me and put me back together every time I hear it – it’s even better live)   Hugs, Kato

Music Monday – Shinhwa

Band name: Shinhwa (meaning Myth or Legend)      Language: Korean Fandom Name: Changjo Band colour: Orange Members: Eric Mun, Lee Min-Woo, Kim Dong-Wan, Shin Hye-Sung, Jun Jin and Andy Lee Debut date: March 1998 (Which makes them one of the LONGEST running and most successful Kpop bands out there) Military enlistment – complete for all members My favorite members: Jun Jun and Min-Woo Status: Active Favorite songs: Sniper, TOUCH (there are tons of amazing hits but limiting myself to 2) Note: This band is my first Korean Pop obsession and will always be. The members are all in their mid to late thirties (a couple closer to forty). Showcase song: TOUCH – Click here for Lyrics translation Enjoy! Kato