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Maya Dardel

**There might be spoilers**Image result

Starring Lena Olin (Chocolat), Nathan Keyes (The Good Doctor and Ben 10), Alexander Koch (Pulp Fiction), Rosanna Arquette and Jordan Garvaris (Orphan Black)

An internationally respected poet announces she is going to kill herself and needs an heir and executor. Young writers drive up the mountain to compete for the position and are challenged intellectually and emotionally (IMDB).

Where do I even start with this movie? The blurb for the movie is vague at best but I kept seeing all these marvelous reviews for it. Indiewire calls it “riveting.” As I watched, I couldn’t help wondering if the person who reviewed it for indiewire was brain dead and tone deaf. While Lena Olin made the best of a bad script, the pretentiousness of the whole movie made my brain hurt. Usually, a movie like this leaves the world with a lesson, something to reward viewers for the hour of dread they’d have to sit through watching it. But none of the characters in this movie learned anything. In the end they were just as damaged and self absorbed as in the beginning.

There were no competition amongst the male writers that drives up to audition to be her executor. Let’s call it what it is–it’s a woman using her talent and power to draw young, naïve men to her to give her oral sex. That’s precisely what it is. The only competition among them was who could eat her out the best. There was one guy in particular, who went down on her, when she stops him, he basically rapes her and in that moment I should feel some sympathy for her. But I disliked the character so much, it was hard to feel anything for her.

This movie is disturbing–especially with the current climate of men in Hollywood using their power to sexually control the women who work for them. It’s a shocking show of a movie that was made just because they could.

The twist in the end isn’t really shocking. While most viewers will not have seen it coming, the rest of the film was so unimpressive, and you’ve come to feel nothing but disgust for the characters that when they do something underhanded, you expect it. One character, learned his lesson–had a come to Jesus moment, if you will and that was a glimmer of hope. I thought for sure, the movie would get better.

I was wrong.

Maya Dardel is a mind-numbing train-wreck that you can’t look away from because you think it can’t possibly get any worse….but it does. With slight glimpses of clarity, this movie is a sterile view of the world and a vain reflection on the writers’ view on morality, humanity and mortality.

Lesson here–just because you can make a movie, doesn’t mean you should.






Stephen King’s 1922

A simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to participate. (IMDB).

This isn’t my usual type of thing. Especially around this time of the year. November and December are for Hallmark movies and movies about Christmas like Home Alone, Trading Places and Shawshank Redemption (I don’t know but this movie comes on TV every year at this time).

But, I saw Stephen King’s name on it and my curiosity (Or my penchant for torturing myself) got the better of me and I clicked on it.

The story, 1922, by Stephen King, isn’t a full novel. It is a novella he published back in 2010. Recently, Netflix went in and made it into a movie starring Thomas Jame (The Punisher), Molly Parker (House of Cards), Dylan Schmid (Once Upon a Time, Stonados), Neal McDonough (Walking Tall, Captain America) and Kaitlyn Bernard (The Healer.)Image result for 1922 poster

A few people are saying this movie sucks because it’s not scary. If that’s your thinking then you don’t know Stephen King very well. And you should go back and read a few of his other works then come back to this one. Stephen isn’t about the scaring you–that’s not his thing. His whole deal is messing with your mind–putting a thought in your head then crank on it until your brain explode or you jump out a window. That’s Stephen King’s deal.

The Cinematography in this movie is crisp and flawless, the colour, movement of the camera, everything was set up in a way for maximum terror. Sure, nothing really jumps out of the dark at you, but the movie proved that even though the human mind is a very strong thing, it is fragile and often times easily broken.

Thomas Jane plays the lead role of Wilfred James, a farmer who is quite happy being a farmer. He believes the city is for fools and he is not leaving his farm. I watched the movie halfway through before I realize who the actor was. The makeup up on him, his voice, the way he moved his body, everything conspired to hide his true identity–bravo!

Molly Parker played Wilfred’s wife Arlette. The character seemed strong but in every sense of the word is naïve to the evils of the world and that evil could be the man who sleeps next to her at nights. She wants to sell her land and move to the city with or without Wildred and she is taking their son with her.

But–like Wilfred said “In 1922, a man’s pride was a man’s land, and so was his son.”

The movie made my skin crawl. It dug into my brain and twisted it, forcing me to jump out of my seat. It broke my heart, kept it into tiny pieces until the very end of the movie then smashed those pieces to into smaller bits of themselves. The human mind his a powerful tool when its working for you. But if its broken, wounded – it can be your worse nightmare.

All through watching this flick, I kept thinking of Hamlet. I kept repeating that one line over and over from Hamlet “The play’s the thing to catch the conscience of the king.”

It is a fantastic movie but you have to go into it not expecting horror, but mind games.

Stephen King has proven, again, why he is the master.

1922 – now Streaming on Netflix.




Writing Wrap-Up

Hey everyone!

So, it’s that year again! Most of us are neck deep in Nanowrimo – I definitely am. I’m writing two novellas this time around. They aren’t just random stories–they are books 3 and 4 of my GSG 9 CIRO series for the Susan Stoker Kindle World.

Book one Miracle and the Beast did amazingly and I am so over the moon and humbled and thankful about that. The readers made this story and me an Amazon Bestselling author – I mean I did make that list a few times before but this time, it solidified it. I’ve decided to put that on my covers (my self published covers at least).

This story is about the commanding officer of GSG 9 CIRO – one of Germany’s elite force police teams. (No, CIRO is not real. but the GSG 9 is.). I chose to use a German team because everyone else was using American SEALS or MARINES etc and I wanted to be different.  Beastmode meets Miracle who is in Germany from the U.S.A researching WWII for her dissertation and kinda wandered into some drama from Germany’s past.

Book 2 Barbie is due out in January – the cover has been made, the edits done, the formatting done and it’s basically sitting in my backup, waiting for the day when we get the email that it is time to load it. This story follows the lone female on the CIRO team, their sniper who they call Barbie, not because she’s dumb but because her fashion is impeccable. She has to tackle human trafficking.

I’m super excited to see how it does.

I also hit a few conventions: Rockstead, Ignite Your Soul and Romancing the Falls. As you may or may not have known I skipped RTC because it was a lot and quite expensive.

I’m super excited because this year, thank heavens, my muses were speaking. I was able to get quite a few books done and out there. I also managed to do my own private reading in British Columbia called Rocksteady . I’m hoping to make that a yearly thing–maybe not in BC every year.

2018, I have a few amazing tales planned. I just hope they come out as well as they are formed in my head. I have a historical (kinda) story set in the late 1700’s or at the tail end of the Golden Age of Piracy. It will be interracial. That might not go over well with many but, it is what it is.

Just a quick rundown of some of what’s on the list – I also have book 2 in my Surrender series planned – tentatively titled Captive. For those who read PREY this second story will follow Detective Francine Teller and Topaz. I’m about 70% done writing the first draft. I also have a special forces story, set in the Elle James kindle world that is already plotted out but in the process of research. With all of that, I have a sexy lil morsel planned (It must be done since I bought the cover already), as well as book 2 in my Tiger Shifter series.

As for releases:

  1. Until You… – Coming soon to Decadent Publishing. It’s already been through edits and is ready to go.
  2. Rogue Alpha – This is a self published title. It will take a while to come out since I have edits and cover and all that good stuff to get done on it. I have a cover artist and an editor waiting to get started but I still need to do my thing. Yes, this is my first MAJOR paranormal and I’m kinda freaking out.
  3. GSG 9 CIRO 2 – Barbie – This is my second story in Susan Stoker’s kindle world. It is due out in January.
  4. Anaxa – This story has been beta read and needs a little more work so at some point in 2018, it will hit kindle.

There are so many things planned for 2018. But my readers know that most times I plan and I veer off course. I will try and get my plan to stay on track this year. For sure I want to finish my Historical and my Paranormal.

Anyway, that’s what 2018 looks like for me. Thanks for spending 2017 in my head.



The Sterility of Friendships

Do you remember the time when people used to tell you things face to face? They would take time out of their lives to stop by your place or work, or invite you out for a drink to tell you happy birthday. They would send you a birthday card in the mail or write you a letter?  Do you remember how good it felt to get a letter or a postcard in the mail? How about when people got engaged and call you up, or ran over to your place to squeal and show off the ring? Now, if you’re not on a social media you don’t know any of these things.

Do you remember when you could hear someone’s voice beside you, or reach over and touch a friend?

Yeah–those days are few as we get older. Not because we are particularly busy but because even when someone is beside us, across from us, we insist on ignoring them for a cold, sterile piece of technology.

Don’t get me wrong. I love technology–most of the time. Those times when it’s not eating my partially finished manuscripts, malfunctioning so I miss my streetcar, overreacting so I freak out, shutting down at the worse times–you get my meaning. After all these years and as far as technology has come, it can often times be useful. I mean, I wouldn’t have ‘met’ so many of my readers had it not been for facebook or twitter or a website. I wouldn’t have met some awesome people if it hadn’t been for these same things. Writing books that takes place in Japan or South Korean wouldn’t have been possible for me because, let’s face it, can’t afford to travel to these places in real life. But, with google earth, everything is possible.

Sometimes, I go dark. I shut down facebook, and twitter and instagram and all these Image result for technology bansocial media. I turn off my cell phone and watch movies all day. People wonder why I do that. Well, sometimes I just need a mental health day. Sometimes, I want to be left alone and not be worried about notifications, and replying to messages and dealing with the drama that social media often times brings into our lives.

Before social media, we didn’t know how big of an ass some people truly are and I was fine with that. We didn’t know who was sleeping with who, who was getting a divorce unless we were told and spoilers for our favorite shows? What spoilers?

Why this post?

Last weekend, it was a friend’s birthday. We planned a weekend filled with drinking, good food, laughter, shopping and other female debauchery. The day came, we met up, life is good. But I spent the weekend constantly asking her to put the phone away. I mean, we hadn’t seen each other for close to a year, though we spoke every day.

A few days later, another friend was having a bad day. It was well after eight at night and usually once I got home and the bra came off, I was in–no more going out unless that was the plan and if so, when I enter the apartment, the bra stays on.

Yup, I am one of THOSE people.

But, hearing her troubles, and the worry in her voice, I got dressed once more, ventured on the streetcar to meet her for a few drinks and just to talk. But, same story, she spends most of her time, sitting across from me, tapping away at her cell, not saying anything. My irritation boiled over, I grabbed my purse, paid for my half of drink and stormed out. Sure, she ran after me but I didn’t stop walking. Thankfully, a streetcar was at the stop and I merely climbed on and away I went, fuming.

Here’s the thing–yes, I am aware that our phones are glued to us. But when does that become a hindrance and an irritation?

Yes, I am guilty of having my cell close by when I go out and that’s because instead of carrying a camera to most places, I use my phone because I take pictures of the food I eat when I go out–I have nothing else to post on instagram.

I’m walking down the street on the bus or just moving about my life and I watch people. And they’ll get on the bus, pay their fare and sit down beside some complete stranger, all without looking up. We don’t know what’s going on around us because we’re so focused on the screen. We try to always be reading about other people’s lives when we don’t know what’s going on in ours. Or our lives are falling apart and we have no clue. Their friends are going through things and no one has any clue.

More and more we hear someone committed suicide and we think well I didn’t know anything was wrong with so and so. or I didn’t see anything wrong. Of course you Image result for hair ripwouldn’t have seen anything wrong. When was the last time you’d looked up from the screens before you to take a good look at So and So? When was the last time, with all the time you spend on these pieces of lifeless things that you actually, called So and So?

For a culture so obsessed with keeping in touch, we’re so out of touch with the people who matters. I have a friend who is constantly on her phone–yet, if I send her a text it is hours or even days later that I get a reply. I mean, the damn thing is practically glued into her hand. It takes two seconds to reply to a message and move on.

My point is, You invite someone out, put the phone away for the time you’re together. This is especially important when you haven’t seen the other person for some time. The honest to goodness truth is, if I wanted to talk to the top of your head I would have stayed home and used facetime or we could talk over the phone. We’ve become addicted to our cellphones, addicted to tapping away with our heads down that life is whizzing by us, we’re losing people who love without knowing them because we haven’t looked at them once.

We’re wasting so much time, glued to our phones that we miss the best things in life pass us by. So, please, at least once in a while, put down the p hone and look up. See the people, places and things around you. Because one day you’re going to look up and you’re not going to recognize those around you or where you are.



I have a Couple of Questions

Recently, a wave of sexual assault allegations have been sweeping tinsletown. From major producers, to directors to actors and add in collusion and you get one beehive of a pickle.

Most recently, is allegations against Kevin Spacey by Star Trek’s newest Engineer, Anthony Rapp. Anthony claims, this happened when he was just 14 years old!

Hold on.

FOURTEEN!! He was still a baby.

Now, keep in mind that I am saying “he claims” because of legal mumbo-jumbo – disclaimer that sorta dealie – because Kevin Spacey claims he doesn’t remember the incident but I think he’s lying. Anyway, let’s move on.Image result for anthony rapp star trek

At fourteen years old, no matter what time in the space time continuum this is happening, a fourteen year old child should not be at a party by him/herself. So my first question is this: where was this child’s parents/guardians/agents/manager? Where was the adult in this whole situation to say, “the only way you’re going to that party alone is over my dead body” or “no, you can’t go! You’re a child!” And this would have been an acceptable time to use the whole “because I said so” reply.

A few days ago it came out that a young woman, around 14 years old, model, died of exhaustion in China after working almost 3 times the number of hours for a child that age, plus having, what I believe to be pneumonia and wasn’t seen my a medical professional. You don’t have to take my word for it–you can click here to read one of the articles.

Again, where were her parents? Where were the people responsible for making sure these children are safe from the predators of this world? Sure, there is no foolproof way of guaranteeing complete safety and everything we do in this life comes with risk–and I am quite aware that we can’t shelter our children forever, but someone needs to be held accountable for the horrors that happen to these children.

This little girl could have been saved had someone paid enough attention to her as a person and realized she wasn’t well. From the way people are describing how she looked in the final days of her life, it is obvious to me she had been ill and anyone with half a brain should have seen that.

The Anthony Rapp situation is a whole other ball of wax but the same thing here – someone, responsible, should have been around to keep an eye on this child and make sure he is okay.

My next question now is this – who will take responsibility for the death of this little girl and what happened to Anthony Rapp?

After this whole deal with Anthony was released, consequences and repercussions have been swift. Netflix, despite what I believe of their mishandling the casting of Death Note (yes, I am still holding a grudge about that), have stepped up to show that when you act like an asshole, assholie things happen to you. They’ve announced that they are “deeply troubled” by these allegations and  it seem they are doing everything they can to distance themselves from the embattled Kevin Spacey.

My next question is this who is going to jail for these injustices? I mean, someone needs to pay for what happened to these two people.

It isn’t that Kevin Spacey is coming out of this unscathed–like he can give a bad name to gay men everywhere and just walk away smelling like roses. According to Variety Kevin Spacey will no longer be receiving The International Emmy Founders award. This is apparently a big deal kind of award since he would have been in the company of the likes of JJ Abrams, Steven Speilberg and Grey’s own, Shonda Rhimes.

The swiftness of karma in this case surprises me. But I am happy to see it. Why you ask? This shows that Hollywood, though faulty to the max, is learning from what has happened in his past. It gives me great hope, that one day people can go to work, making the films they love to inspire everyone else and not have to worry about getting groped in dark alleys like a piece of meat.

This is even more powerful because a man has added his voice to the roar and I am hoping this will give other men the courage to stand up and admit this has happened to them and seek help to deal with this. In society, it is beaten into the heads of our boys that showing if something like this happens to them, it is a sign of weakness. They are told never to admit this because they should have been strong enough to stop this.  I would like to take this platform to add my voice to the ones that call bullshit on this. Rape/sexual assault/sexual harassment is a horrid part of every day life and no one deserves to have this happen to them.

I doubt Anthony will ever read this but I am super proud of him. He has taken the first step toward healing himself and has given voice to a monster that no one really wanted to speak it’s name out loud. You don’t have to explain why you exposed Kevin Spacey. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself–you did nothing wrong.

It is high time we start forcing the people who commit these offences to explain themselves and shield the victims from the spotlight of all that.



Let’s talk Rape Culture…AGAIN

Today, I woke up really pissy but my mood improved when a dear friend, posted his excitement about the new trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising and I jetted off to youtube to check it out. John Boyega, Jing Tian, the music, the graphics, the jaegers–all of it lifted my spirits so high I felt as if I could float. Then I got to the news and my spirits just crashed.

It seems more and more these days, I find myself absolutely flabbergasted about the things people with money get away with. From Brock Turner who got off free after raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, to Donald Trump grabbing women “by the pussy” to Harvey Weinstein admitting, on tape, to groping a European Model, all of it absolutely gets to me and leave me wondering when had society become such a haven for rape.

To make matters worse, we’ve become so desensitized to the whole traumatic experience that we’ve began blaming the victims. First, let me say this. No one, man or woman, deserves to be violated in that manner. Whether he’s hot or she’s walking down the street naked – no means no. The fact that women are defending these behaviours, especially after the perpetrators has ADMITTED to these horrid acts, turns  my stomach.

I mean, there is a recording of what is being said to be Harvey Weinstein, admitting to groping this woman but he was never arrested because apparently that’s not enough evidence. And why not? The president of the United States admitted to groping women “by the pussy” without even “waiting” and people in the United States made him president – so why would anyone else be held responsible for doing something so unconscionable to a woman? Apparently, we’re here for their amusement and sexual gratification whether we want to be or not. We, women, to them, are merely masturbation tools.

Another thing that makes this horrible, if the person committing these crimes were a person of colour they would be locked away until the cow comes home because they are thugs and bad for society. But a white man carry them out and he’s sick (Harvey Weinstein) and no one wants to ruin his future (Brock Turner). A black football player a few years ago was locked up for close to ten years for a rape a girl claimed happened – turned out, it never did and she didn’t want to give back the money she had been awarded.

Our society seems to be devolving. We’re going back to the days when women have no say in anything, not our reproductive system, not who enters our body.  What is left for us when the most private, most intimate of experiences are being tainted by men who feels because they have a few extra zeros to the number in their bank accounts, they can do whatever they want to us and there be no consequence? When a man can admit that they all but raped a woman and gets to walk away because there’s “no evidence.”

I could go into this and give some soap box speech about how parents should teach their kids the difference between rape and consensual sex. I could spew out that men should teach their sons to take no for an answer and girls should learn how to get out of a certain situation. I could even go as far as saying we need to teach our little girls how to defend themselves and to think for themselves. But that would be going on and blaming the victims and I’m not about that. Besides, all that bullshit hasn’t worked in the past.

There need to be some form of recourse for women who truly were victims. There has to be a way to make it so that anyone who carry out these horrible acts (men or women/black, white, pink or purple) be punished and held accountable for their actions.

I’m so sad right now.


Road Trip – Port Perry

Image may contain: cloud, sky, house and outdoor

Photo by Kato

A few weeks ago, my mother called me up and suggested a road trip. I agreed and then was stuck trying to find a place close enough to Toronto that we could drive there, have a little fun and get back before the cows come home. After digging through the tons of small town around Toronto, I suggested three and she picked Port Perry.

I’ve only been there once, years ago to the casino with a couple of friends. I didn’t get a chance to see the actual town. We got in the car and took off. When we arrived, the town struck me as a true small town. It is the kind of place I write about in my books all the time. I love a good small town with one main street, a few stores, a couple of diners, people who knows each other and everyone else’s business. Stepping from the vehicle here was like stepping into the pages of one of my books. I looked both ways and my heart soared seeing the water and how close we were.

After my mom and her best friend disappeared into a few stores, we wandered down to where I had been itching to get to since I got out of the car. The water. There were families fishing off the side of the pier who were very friendly, showing us their catch.

Image may contain: people standing, sky, cloud, plant, tree and outdoor

Photo by Kato

They weren’t large fish, and they were all thrown back into the water but it was great interacting with people like that. The park was beautiful, peaceful, clean. The people were so friendly and the air was fragrant.

I wandered away from my mom and her best friend to explore around on my own. I took pictures, stopped to look into the water then found some peace by staring out at the water and the trees and homes in the distance. My muse ran free that day, pushing through stories that could take place in the town, where in the town, places, people, things….

We didn’t make it to the winery because my mom found a store that sells beautiful Italian fashion, so we killed two hours there but we did find the Brewery so I could buy beer. Old Flames Brewery is a wonderful place that sells d

Image may contain: drink and indoor

Photo by Kato

ifferent kinds of beer that they make right there on site.

Since I don’t like a bitter beer, I love their Love Potions #9. It’s light and refreshing and delicious. I am only sorry I bought just two. I took it home and drank it with pizza and wings and it was fantastic.







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Photo by Kato

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Photo by Kato

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Photo by Kato

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, grass, outdoor and nature

Photo by Kato

Hugs, Kato

Hollywood’s Whitewashing Issue

Yes children, I am going there.

Hollywood, we have a problem!

I write interracial romance and erotica. I Love writing interracial romance and erotica. But I believe when you go into someone’s culture, you show it the respect it deserves. Those who knows me, get that I love culture. When you’re creating a world with a blend, it’s the most beautiful thing. But for a time tested tale like Aladdin, there isn’t much wiggle room to go off half-cocked and change stuff.

A few years ago the world imploded when Scarlet Johansson accepted the role of The General in Ghost in the Shell. I was one of those people thinking what in the hell is she thinking when the news reached me. There was absolutely NO excuse for that. Of course she couldn’t say she didn’t know she wasn’t aware of what race the character is supposed to be. Ghost in the Shell had been around for years and a seasoned actress like that must have researched the role before accepting it, right? I mean, it’s not like it’s a brand new idea, with new characters and all. There are thousands of actresses who could have been casted in this role–all of them of Asian heritage that would have been a lot more suitable.

Thankfully, when this piece of garbage hit theatres fans showed their displeasure by barely going to see it. That meant it failed to recup the money spent to make it.

Then Tilda Swinton accepted the Ancient One role in Dr Strange, and once again the world showed its displeasure by typing out their frustrations in 140 characters or less. The issue, Ms. Swinton, isn’t that people didn’t want a woman playing the role. The issue is that we would have wanted the role to be given to a Tibetan/Chinese/Korean/Phillipino/Indian/Japanese actress. That is the problem. Out of all the irritation I read about this casting choice, not one of them said it was because she was a woman. Her race was the issue.

Then comes Hellboy. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Ed Skrien from The Transporter Refueled to Deadpool. And he’s not bad to look at either – but he is no Diamio. The moment I heard of this casting, I washed my hands of Hellboy and it damned near broke my soul. I am a HUGE fan of the franchise. I’ve seen all of them, read the comics, indulged in the soundtracks.

Anyway, Ed’s excuse is, he didn’t know of the character’s Japanese heritage. I find that a little hard to believe considering the character’s last name was Diamio. But, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.  But Ed did the stand up thing and stepped down.

Much respect for that homie.

Then the mistake that was THE GREAT WALL where a civilization built a wall that can be seen from outer space BEFORE modern day technology but still needs Matt Damon to come save them from pissed off dragons….What??

I’m not even going to get into Death Note because the disappointment and anger I feel about that knows no bounds.

Now to Alladin. I have always loved this story. And when Disney came out that they were making it, I was like well shit (pardon my French) here we go again.

They casted Will Smith as Genie – okay, Africans were and are plentiful in that part of the world.

Naomi Watts as Jasmine – I had to do my research to realize she is in fact part Gujarati so she is right for that role.

Then they casted Mena Massoud as Alladin-Woo! We’re on a roll, Disney! Play ball!

Marwan Kenzari as Jaffar – Hot damn! Let’s do this thing!

Then Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders (you remember Billy from Into the Woods and As the World Turns). Wait….What? Who is this magical creature and where did he come from? Why is he even a thing?

Is this because Disney feels that we can’t have a hit movie set in the Middle East with no white people? Or is it because every ethnic woman must be like Pocahontas and wanting their own John Smith?

Why is it so hard for Hollywood to realize that we’re tired of seeing the same faces over and over? What is the issue? Why do we really need a (politically incorrectness in 5…4…3…2….) white prince in Alladin? Why do we need a white character in this movie? Why is it necessary? Why is it that Jasmine must be tossed around between who she’s supposed to be with and this new guy? Why can’t she be woman enough to fight her attractions for Alladin and loyalty to the way she was raised? Why does an Ethnic character need a white prince?

I am confused and disappointed by this latest turn of events. And don’t get me wrong. I ADORE Billy. As an actor he is one of the best. I watched him in As the World Turns on youtube constantly and used to watch it back in the day. I watched Into the Woods for him. But there is no reason for this.

Hollywood has a whitewashing problem and they refuse to face the fact that even their fellow Caucasian folks are speaking out about this crap.

But why should we be surprised by this?

This is a movie coming from the same company that made Beauty and the Beast, a movie about a woman who falls for a man who kidnaps her father, kidnaps and emotionally abuse her. I mean, parents read this crap to their kids as babies not realizing the damage.

This is from the same company who made Songs of the South back in the day about a Slave who was ‘happy’ to be a slave.

This is from the company who made the new Cinderella with the actress’ waist being so tiny, parents began worrying about the ideas this may be giving to their little girls.

This is from a company who claimed to be diverse and made a movie with a Black Princess but that encompassed the same tired stereotypes as before and made her only a human for like ten minutes of the whole movie and a frog the rest.

Why do we expect anything better from these people?

But you know what? This is our fault. If when Hollywood behave as if there are no other cultures in the world we would stop giving them our money, they would learn. What we need to do is when they do crap like this, have them release the movie and have it open to a $0 dollar box office. That would send a clear message that we won’t sit by and take this anymore. If you’re going into a culture, respect it.  This is getting out of hand and they won’t stop doing things like this until we stop feeding the beast.


[Jo Date] The Hitman’s Bodyguard

It was a long time coming but finally, last Friday Jo and I got around to going on a date. Image result for the hitman's bodyguardWell, it was planned for the weekend before but, I had to cancel because I forgot about it (didn’t put it in my calendar and I’m getting up there in age) and then made plans with the niece. So, Friday night we met up and went to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Let’s preface what’s to come by saying this – the second I saw the redband trailer for this movie I WANTED IT! Then the I started counting down to the release date. I was going to see this movie with or without someone. I missed the release day because, well, again, I’m old and I forget things. Then finally it was time to see this movie.

So, real quick, the movie is about a convicted hitman Darius (Samuel L. Jackson) who is needed by the Hague to testify for the prosecution seeking to convict a war criminal and former dictator, Vladislav (Gary Oldman).  Michael (Ryan Reynolds) must get him to the Hague before time runs out and the dictator walks free. But every idiot with a gun is after these two, who can’t stand each other–or rather Michael can’t stand Darius and Darius thinks it’s hilarious.

I’m going to try doing this without any spoilers but there might be spoilers am just sayin’.

From the beginning of the movie, I was giggling. Forget the incident that toppled Michael’s career–that was kind of um, well, messy and live becomes so crappy, buddy is peeing in a bottle in his car. A strange thing happened in the back seat that causes everyone who goes in it to say the same thing “it smells like ass back here.”

The jokes were on point. I laughed until I almost peed myself. I never thought Ryan and Samuel could have such amazing comedic timing or chemistry together. It was a strange relationship. The casting was a little weird as I thought about it but to actually see them in action was fantastic.

Selma Hayek was a wonderful surprise that just added another level of amazingness to this cast that had me doubled over in my seat.

This movie was a wonderful surprise. It delivers on comedy, action, blood and guts, explosions and R rated jokes that you probably shouldn’t take your kids to see.  There is some darkness in the flick but it didn’t overshadow the funny or the bits that made me chuckle before muttering “that is FANTASTIC!”

This, is definitely a movie I’d go and see. It’s worth every penny!

Oh and there is a little blooper reel at the end of the movie after the credits, so just chill and wait for it.



Just another victim on the hit-list

I try not to get political, because the world is in such a state where two people can’t have a civilized conversation without it turning nasty.  But there are some rare occasions when I have to blink and just say something.  Recently, the currently US government declared that they were going to stop trans men and women from service in the United States Military. And there are those who agree with this and they don’t see the issue here.
Before I get into that, might I remind you that the draft system is not a thing in the United States anymore? These men and women are serving so your children don’t have to. They are serving so that you can be a coward behind the keyboards and talk shit about them. They serve, basically, to protect your right to hate them.

That’s the kind of society we live in. We return people’s kindness and generosity by ripping the rug out from under them.

Also, keep in mind that these men and women (I am not using trans because we shouldn’t have to. They are MEN and WOMEN. I don’t see the need to call them anything but). They didn’t just get up one day and have their parents pay for them to be in the military. These men and women worked crazy hard, sacrificed a lot of things we take for granted every day to become who they are. They passed every requirement necessary to be called army/marine/air force/green beret/SEAL–whatever their military designation is. They passed medicals, psych evals, training, educational, ALL OF THEM. So how DARE you take that away from them?

They’ve fought along side their fellow soldiers with dignity and honour and you decide now is the time to take away from them what they’ve earned?

And at this point, for this second, put aside the whole trans bit of this issue. Why is it we find it so hard to treat others like we deserve to be treated? Is the current US government just taking pot-shots at a crowd hoping someone gets hit? Is that what this is? The healthcare thing fell through so it’s time to tear down the very people who protect your country?

As someone I know always say “does being trans affect this person and their ability to do their job?” If the answer is NO then STFU and take a seat. Being trans has ZERO affect on someone’s ability to do things. And why do you care so much what is underneath someone’s clothes?
And for those of you keeping quiet on this issue–you don’t see the problem here? First he went after women – we’ve all heard the tapes. Then he went after the Muslims and all non-white American. Then poor who can’t afford healthcare. Now he’s on to the LGBT and military.

Who is next?
Martin Niemöller had a poem–and this was written back when the world was trying to come to terms with Hitler. And a part of it is very true today:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

A lot of people are saying this is a distraction from the whole Russia thing – and it might be, or it might just be one man’s hatred toward all that is different. But even if it is a distraction it is a very dangerous and serious one. This cannot be taken lightly. This is about treating people as human beings. It’s about mutual respect and basic human decency.